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Home Page News

This link is used to create news items for the home page.  As mentioned above, news items will be displayed below the welcome message in chronological order.  That is, the most recently dated messages will be on top.  This is the best place to post things relevant to your entire organization and to the general public as well.  You can also use news messages to broadcast their content to your entire email-enabled membership.  This is a great way to get the word out on important or timely matters of concern to everyone.

Message Entry Form
All the message types - Welcome, News Item, Team Bulletin, and Exchange Item all use the same form for submitting messages. These forms have some or all of the following fields:

Note: If this is a news item, you can choose to send it to only club members who are currently assigned to a team (and their parents) or to all members. If you choose the second option, all members will receive the message regardless of whether or not they are still active. The first choice is more appropriate for organizations that have operated for more than one year and have members on file who are no longer active.  You can choose which team seasons to broadcast to by selecting from the season menu below.  When you choose team seasons in this way, only members of teams whose seasons are selected will receive the message.  This way, only the appropriate people will receive the message.

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