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Home Page Widgets

Home page widgets are the pre-built modules which you can place in the right column of your home page. This section allows you to customize the appearance of the right column of your Homepage. You can choose from several different tools to give your site its own feel. It can also be a useful way to relay scheduling and information regarding your organization. This section can be accessed from two different areas: from the "Appearance" section of the Admin area, and from above the right column of the your homepage, when signed in as an Admin.

In the box marked "Whole Column Properties," you can choose the background color for the entire column. Optionally, you can choose to have a border surrounding the right hand column, separating the column from the rest of the page.

The "Available Widgets" list is a list of features which you can choose to have active by highlighting the feature and clicking the "Add" button. These features include:

Note: Each one of the components can be edited in the box titled "Current Selection Properties." This can be done by highlighting the component that you wish to change in the "Current Selections" list. You can also remove a feature from the right column by highlighting it in the "Current Selections" box and clicking the "Remove" button. Once you have added, removed or edited the right side components, click "Submit" for your changes to take effect.

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