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Facility Schedule
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Facility schedule

This report displays all the events currently scheduled for a particular facility.  This can be useful for determining if a facility is either over- or under-booked.  You'll be able to see all the playing times for each date listed in order.  This should make it easy to spot conflicts or gaps in the schedule.

To bring up the report for a particular facility, click the "Facility" choice on the Admin menu.  This will bring up a simple form where you select the name of the facility from a drop-down list and press the Submit button.  Once you do this, the report will be displayed.

The report shows the facility's name and location at the top along with a link for creating a new game.  The body of the report shows all the events broken down by date and time.  Each event has an Edit button to its left and a Delete button on its right side.  If you click the Edit button, the Event Information form will be displayed with the event's information ready for you to edit.  You can use the Delete button to remove an event from the schedule after being asked if you really want to do this.

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