Team Attendance
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Team Attendance 

The team attendance function will allow team managers and coaches to poll their players for attendance at future games and practices. This function can be turned on/off from the Scheduling tab on the Team Information page , found by going to Admin>Teams>Divisions & Teams and clicking on a team name.

From the Team Schedule page, coaches will find a magnifying glass icon that reads "Attending."  Once the magnifying glass icon has been selected, the resulting page will display three columns, Attending, Not Attending, and No Response.  If this is a new event, or responses have not been captured, all individuals associated with the team will be displayed beneath the No Response column.

Choosing the email button above each of the columns will allow the coach or team manager to send an email to that group of people. When choosing the email button above the No Response column, this will generate an automatic email to all of the individuals in that column. The receiving individual will receive an email with the event information and two links: "I'm In" and "I'm Out."  Selecting "I'm In" will place this individual in the Attending column on the Attending section of the Schedule page.  Selecting "I'm Out" will place the individual in the Not Attending column.

Members of your club can also navigate to their personal account by going to the Edit My Account tab on the home page of your website. Once logged into their family account, they will see schedule icons to the right of each individual. Clicking on the schedule icon will display each participant's schedule for teams they are associated with.

Once the member has clicked on their schedule icon, this will display a list of the events they are involved with, and they can select whether they are "Attending" or "Not Attending." Selections made here will be visible to the team manager and coaches when accessing the team Attending section on the Schedule page. So if a member knows they will be away for a certain week, they could make this selection well in advance to notify the coaches and managers.

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