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Email Members

Use this form to search for members in your database that you would like to email.

Member Query Form
Clicking "Lookup" or "Email Members" on the Administration menu brings up the Member Query form.  This form is used to find members in the database and generate reports based on the results of the query.  You can find members by name, type, email, age, team position, or team membership. If you enter nothing on the form, all members will be displayed. Names will be found that begin with the letters you type. Entering "sm" will find all Smiths or Smyths, etc.

Ranges, such as "Between the age of," can be used to find members who fall between a range of values. A number in the first field will find members with a value greater than or equal to the entry. Likewise, a number in the second field will find members with a value less than or equal to the entry.

You can select more than one team position or team name by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the desired choices. To select a range of choices, drag (hold down the left button while moving) the mouse over the desired choices.

Queries are additive. That is, specifying selections in more than one field means that member data must match all the selections specified. For example, setting the Type drop-down menu to "Parent" and the Has Email menu to "No" would yield only members who are parents and don't have email addresses. Note, however, that when you select more than one item in either the "Position" or "Team" lists, the selections within the list are put together with the "Or" operator. That is, any member belonging to any of the selected teams (or selected positions) will be selected. This only applies within the list, however. The selected teams are still put together with the other fields on the form, with the "And" operator as already explained.

The fields on the form are the following:

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