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Email Log

The email log will show you all communications sent from your site. It will show you what the communication was, who it was sent to, who it was sent from, and when it was sent. It will also tell you if the message was bounced by the receiving email service.

! Notices and Reminders - Troubleshooting

Live Notices: Notices sent to members of a team when an event is manually added, changed, or deleted.
Automatic Reminders: Reminders sent to team members approximately 48 hours (email) and 2.5 hours (text message) prior to a scheduled event.

NOTE: General events scheduled on the General Events calendar for the organization are not included in these types of communications. No automatic communications are sent for general events.

Q: Automatic Reminders are not being sent from my site, why not?

First, check to make sure you have enabled reminders within your site. Go to Admin>Config>General Settings>Communication and enable reminders for practices and games here. Secondly, check the players and parents of the teams that should be receiving reminders. Admin>Members>Lookup. Within their records, be sure they have opted to receive Reminders of Games and Practices. Also, within their record, be sure they do not have the No Email option selected and also have entered a cell phone number and have selected their carrier. If they do not have a cell phone number and carrier, they will not receive text messages.

Q: Live Notices are not being sent from my site, why not?

In order to send notices of event updates, you'll need to enable these for each team. To do this, go to Admin>Teams>Divisions & Teams and be sure each team has a check mark under the "Lv" column. This signifies that this team's schedule is set to Live and they will receive notices if their schedule is ever manually altered. Secondly, when altering a team's schedule, be sure you are select the three check boxes at the bottom of the Game Information form; "Send Notices To:." Lastly, check the player and parent records for these teams and be sure they have included an email address and cell phone number with carrier on their record. Also be sure they do not have the No Email option checked on their record.

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