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Draft Players
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Draft Players

A live player draft allows you to define a pool of available players in your system, and coaches to login to the website from a remote location such as their home or office, and participate in picking teams in real-time. This can be used for picking teams at the beginning of the season and evenly distributing talent throughout the league or organization.

The draft kit can also be used to automatically assign (draft) players to teams. For example, you may not want to hold a live draft, but you may want to evenly balance teams across the board. To do this, create a draft and rank the players by player Rating. Then set the draft pick time to :01 or :00 seconds and the draft machine will automatically draft players to teams to balance out talent.

Admins that have access to the Online Draft system will see this option under the Teams section of the Admin Features page. When clicked They will be taken to a page to setup a draft or edit an existing draft.

On the draft setup page...

If there are no drafts created, click "New" to add a new draft.

If there are drafts created, select one in the list and then choose an option:

Creating a draft

Once you have clicked "New" or "Settings," you'll be taken to the draft setup page.

Enter in all of the settings for your draft and click Submit to save.

Starting a draft

Once all of the settings have been added, you can start your draft. Send the "Address" from above to all people involved in the draft and they will be able to login and access the draft board.

To start the draft, the draft commissioner must login, go to Admin > Teams > Draft Players and click "Open." Once opened, they can click the Play button to start the draft timer.

The draft board

Drafting a Player

To draft a player, click on the player's name in the Player Pool or the Auto-pick Queue and click on the green icon above your team roster, "Add to Roster."

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