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Define Officials Rules
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Define Officials Rules

Assigning Officials
Members of the Officials team are unique members of your organization. Unlike other members who are scheduled to games as part of a team, Officials are scheduled to games as individuals, which can often be a difficult task. With the system, you can overcome such scheduling obstacles as:

When used to its fullest, the system allows Administrators to create rules that specify the quantity of a specific Officials' position for a specific "Game" type. Members assigned to the Officials team can select days and times they are available to work and optionally (at the discretion of the Administrator), assign themselves to games they qualify for. Administrators can use these rules to assign Officials to games based on  their position and availability.

When determining Officials availability for a game, the system takes into account the Official's general availability, as entered by the Official, conflicting prior Official assignments as well as possible drive time conflicts from one venue to another. If the Official is also a member/player on another team in your club, the system will also take any scheduled game into account as well. You, as an Administrator will have the ability to override these availability issues, if you so desire.

In order to a take full advantage of this feature, we suggest the following:

This section will help you create rules for members of the Officials team. Once completed, Officials will be able to assign themselves to games that they qualify for based on the rules established in this section. Optionally you can select not to have Officials assign themselves to games, in which case the rules will help scheduling Administrators know what officials are available for what games based on the rules established here.

Creating a Rule
In order to use this feature fully, you must first create a rule or rules for assigning Officials. This is done in the Official's Rules section of the Admin area. On the initial page of this section, you can add a new rule or edit an existing rule, by clicking on the "Add a new Rule" link or the name of the existing rule, respectively. The resulting form includes the following fields:

Allow (Officials Team Members)
Here, you can indicate the quantity of a specific position allowed for the previously selected game types.

You can create as many position entries above as you like.  For example, you might allow one "Center Referee" and two "Referee" assignments for this game type.  Perhaps you'd only like Center Referees to be able to assign themselves.  As you add positions, new entries will become available.

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