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Playoff Elimination Brackets

Elimination brackets allow you to set up a playoff series where the winners of playoff pairings advance to the next level and the losers are eliminated.  The brackets for a single elimination series might look like the following:

Round 1

Round 2 Championship






Team 1 




11/12/2005 8:00a  



Norwalk, Field #1   



Team 2   




12/02/2005 8:00a  



Norwalk, Field #1   


Team 3     


11/12/2005 10:00a    


Norwalk, Field #1     


Team 4 






12/03/2005 4:00p  



Norwalk, Field #1  Champion 
Team 5 




11/12/2005 10:00a    


Norwalk, Field #2     


Team 6     



12/02/2005 2:00p  



Norwalk, Field #2   


Team 7   



11/12/2005 2:00p  



Norwalk, Field #2   



Team 8 




In the above example, 8 teams play four games in a first round that produces 4 winners who move on to the second round of two games.  Finally, the winners of round 2 play each other for the championship.

To create an elimination series like the above, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Create the first round games as you normally would for any type of game and assign the teams.  Note you should only use organizational teams.  Don't use outside, travel teams here.  If necessary, create teams in a separate division perhaps for outside teams that will compete in your tournament.
  2. After you've created the first round games, you'll need to find the database IDs for each one.  To do this, move your mouse cursor over the edit icon of any game on the Admin Master Schedule (under Calendar) or Team Schedule.  Note the ID=###### displayed on your browser's status bar on the bottom of the window.  This is the database ID number.  You can also obtain an ID by editing the game.  The number is displayed in the title of the edit form.
  3. Create the next round games in the series and use the "Or Winner of Game #:" fields to specify where the winning teams will come from.  That is, enter the game ID obtained above from the previous round in the field to the left of the home team (Team: dropdown) and another in the like named field to the right of the Opponent dropdown.   Also set the two dropdowns to "TBD" (To Be Determined).  The teams will later be set automatically when the previous round game results are entered.

    This last step binds the two preceding games to this one and establishes a node on the playoff tree.  You would repeat this for each additional game within this round.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional round.

Once you've established at least one bracket node, the affected teams will then have an additional "Brackets" menu choice on their team menu where the playoff tree will be displayed.  As game results are entered for the included games, the tree will automatically display the winning teams for future games until a champion is finally established.  Team members can check this page to see who they'll be playing in their next round.

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