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(Santo and Linda Silvestro)***THANK-YOU for your continued support. 20 years and counting...
New Canaan Alarm (Silver Ram Sponsor)
(Paul Chludzinski & Team)
Blue Streak
Thanks to our friends at Blue Streak for their continued support of our athletes and their training needs here at NCHS. Founded in 2004 by David Neeleman, Blue Streak has been a source for continued athletic training and excellence off the field, court and pool. Whatever your sport, Matt Cole and staff can help you elevate your game!!
New Canaan Eye Associates (Silver Ram Sponsor)
(Dr Rick Crolla & Staff)Dr Crolla has been a continued supporter of the NCHS Athletic Programs over the years. He obviously "likes what he sees"! Thank-you!
Deane Inc (Silver Ram Sponsor)
(The Deane Family)***THANK-YOU for your continued and long standing support of the NCHS Athletic Program. The Deane Fitness Center is just one example of countless contributions over the years...
Tony's Deli (Silver Ram Sponsor)
(Tony,Gabby & Staff) Tony's has been a huge supporter of NC Rams Athletics over the past few years providing not only great service but delicious food for our players,coaches and parents. Thank-You!!
Go Figure Barre Studios
Special thanks to Eve Taben and all the staff at Go Figure in New Canaan. This is the place to go if you want to look and feel great as you sculpt the look you have always dreamed of. Take a few classes and you will be hooked immediately!!
Austin Feeney, DDS (Bronze Ram Sponsor)
(Dr Austin Feeney) Orthodontist
Caren Forbes & Co
Caren Forbes & Co known as the "boutique at the top of the stairs" is conveniently located at 111 Main Street. Caren brings together an incredible style and versatility that would be a welcome addition to everyone's closet! Please stop by, say hello and thank Caren for their great support of the NC Booster Club!
Mark S. DeWaele DDS (Bronze Ram Sponsor)
(Dr Mark DeWaele & Staff) Thank-you for your support... You keep us smiling :)!!
New Canaan Cleaners (Bronze Ram Sponsor)
(Dave Mandel & Staff)
New Canaan Old Timers Association (Bronze Ram Sponsor)
(Len Paglialunga President)The NC Old Timers Association not only has a storied history of support for NCHS Athletics, but the majority of their members attended and played for various teams at NCHS.
D.Palladino & Son Septic Co (Bronze Ram Sponsor)
(Ralph Palladino President)Thank-you for your continued support. You are our #1 choice in the business of #2!!
Darien Sport Shop
Special thanks to Gina Zangrillo and her staff at Darien Sport Shop for their ongoing support of the NC All Sports Booster Club. Gina has been a parent and supporter of NCHS sports programs for many years. Thank-you Gina!!
Zumbach's Gourmet Coffee
Thanks to Doug Zumbach and his staff at Zumbach's for their continued support of NC Rams sports programs. Doug has been a steady employer of NCHS students as well as a very community minded businessman in NC. Thanks for your support!
Cycles on Call
Special thanks to Lou Kozar and the staff at Cycles on Call. If you need anything cycling related (and we mean ANYTHING!) you need to see these guys. They are located in the old Bob's Sports space (in the back near CVS). Stay healthy and take a bike ride!
Carnegie Pollack SAT Prep
Special thanks to Lynn Carnegie and her capable staff at Carnegie Pollack. If you need a little boost or help with your SAT's give them a call!!
Coastal Orthopedics
Special thanks to everyone at Coastal Orthopedics. Their office is located on East Avenue in New Canaan and offers the local expertise in the area of sports injuries of all types. As their tagline says "They are on our team on and off the field!" With four locations they are well equipped to handle all of your aches and pains...
Lewis School of Driving
No NCHS experience would be complete without getting your driver's license. For the best instruction in town be sure to visit Marie and her staff at the Lewis Driving School. They have taught thousands of high school students how to drive safely and responsibly since 1970. Thanks for your support!
Togs New Canaan
If you need to make a fashion statement during any season or for any occasion their is one shop in New Canaan that never disappoints- Togs of New Canaan. Thanks for your support!
Athletic Shoe Factory
New Canaan Board of Realtors