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Important Information - please read carefully

1) All Payments are On-Line Only and a Debit or Credit Card is required. 

2) Little League Age Rules have changed, please look under the "Home Tab" & "2020 Age Charts" for more details.‚ 

​3) It is required that the League Maintains Birth Certificates of all players. The registration system will prompt you to upload the participants‚ Birth Certificate. If the league already has a copy of the‚ Birth Certificate, there is no need to upload one.  If you are unable to upload the‚ Birth Certificate please bring it to your first practice.

4) Medical Release forms will be generated by the information captured during the registration process. Coaches will be given this information, and parents will be required to sign PRIOR TO THE FIRST PRACTICE.

​5) All Coaches/Volunteers must also register, new and existing. Please contact Eric Augustyn at ttllsafetyofficer@gmail.com to get the link to the online volunteer form.

​6) If you need financial assistance please write a letter to the board of directors explaining the nature of the circumstance and send it to litchfieldttll@yahoo.com. All applicants will be required to attend a board meeting.

7) To calculate your players Little League Age please visit: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/determine_league_age/league_age_calculator.htm

8) Cancelation fees may be incurred if registration is canceled before start of the season. No refunds will be granted after the season starts.