Greater Manassas Baseball League is a volunteer organization serving the youth of the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Clifton and Centerville.

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Black Friday Registration – Registration for Spring 2024 opens Friday, November 24.  Prices have remained the same and we are offering $20 off each registration running through December 1.  You can register here:  You will notice this is a new site.  As we continue to build our new site, we were able to open registration.  Once you click on the link, click on Sign In to Begin Registration.  Then click on create account. 










GMBL's REFUND POLICY:  Refunds will ONLY be administered in accordance with the following conditions less an small ADMIN fee:

  1. The registered player is physically unable to play because of medical reasons. A note from a Medical Doctor is required; OR
  2. The registered player is unable to play because the parent or guardian has received military orders to relocate. A copy of the military orders is required;
  3. For Spring season only, the registered player made their School team (Middle or High School) providing evidence to the league. 


  1. The refund request per reasons 1,2, or 3 ABOVE was made in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to the League Registrar, Kim Payne at ,  prior to the first scheduled game.

Refunds will NOT be made for:

  1. The league’s inability to satisfy a player’s special team or division request.
  2. Deciding not to play.
  3. Practice or game dates, field locations, times.
  4. Cancellation of games and / or practices due to inclement weather.


PAYMENT is due immediately with registration.  Registration is not considered complete until paid in full.   Early Bird Registrations applies to PAID Registrations only received during the Early Bird Registration periods for a $20 Discount; you must make payment online at time of registration or your registration will be waitlisted immediately by the system.  If payment not received within Early Bird time period, full rates will be accessed and due.  Unpaid registrations are "Waitlisted", once payment is confirmed, your registration will be moved off the waitlist if there are still roster spots available.  No player will be placed to a team without confirmation of payment in full.  If a family needs to make special arrangements for payment, please contact the registrar, Kim Payne @  well in advance of player evaluations so we can work to get your player placed to a team if agreeable terms can be met.


Please select the appropriate SOFTBALL or BASEBALL Registration program below based on your child's Birthday range as detailed in each registration program or use the Age Charts to help you.   PLEASE NOTE, players move up a division in Fall Seasons, these charts represent Ages for our Competitive Spring Season.    

* NEW FAMILY CAP $475 - GMBL has a "per season" Family cap due on registration costs of $475 per family maximum.

MULTI-PLAYER DISCOUNTS apply to families with 3 or more kids registered in the league discounting registrations by $10 each.  It will automatically come off the 3rd and each subsequent registration when applying until you have reached the Family cap of $475 and no additional discounts would apply. 


To register more than one child, select "register another individual" on the confirmation screen.  This will allow you to make one payment for multiple registrations.  If you are unable to register on-line, please contact the league GMBL REGISTRAR to manually register your player, Kimberly Payne at

Payments can be made online via Credit Card or you may mail a check / money order to:

P.O.Box 4433
Manassas, VA 20108

You must provide your BIRTHDAY on your member database record to REGISTER to coach and you must be 21 years of age to Manage a team and 18 years of age to assist as a coach at GMBL If you wish to be an Manager or Assistant Coach for a team, you must submit a Manager/Asst Coach Application available on this registration page "EACH" season.    All coaches must complete the  Cal Ripken Certification (good for life) and a Background Check (required every 2 Years) on file with the league.   The league is now using Babe Ruth's Sports Engine background process and required APS Safety training mandated by Headquarters.   You can find all information on these certification processes under "HEY COACH".


If you wish to sponsor the league,  please fill out our 
current SPONSORSHIP FORM under ONLINE FORMS Section of the website.  Or contact the SPONSORSHIP CHAIRMAN as listed in our Board of Directors List. Payments can be made online when you apply or mailed to: 

Sponsorship Chairman
P.O.Box 4433
Manassas, VA 20108

 Registration Fees include: Uniform (typically a shirt, hat), League and Player Insurance, Administrative fees (phone, website, Babe Ruth fees), Equipment (dependent on age group), Umpire fees (division dependent), and City of Manassas fees (user fee, lights, trash pickup, grass cutting, field and grounds maintenance, portable toilets, and restrooms).


If you are having trouble logging in or getting an error message click HERE for help.

Thank you for choosing to play ball at GMBL!

Scroll down for details for each OPEN program, hit REGISTER button 



2023 - FALL Snack Bar Employment Registration

  • The Spring season typically starts beginning of April thru June. 
  • The snack bar is open on weekdays from 5:00 pm to approximately 8:30 pm.  Depending on what time games end, we may sometimes not wrap up until closer to 9:00.
  • Saturday we are open from 8:00-7:00 pm.  Closing time will vary depending on the game schedule.  Shift lengths are anywhere from 4-6 hours.
  • Once you complete the registration form, you will be added to the WhenIWork app and receive an email to create an account.  This is where the schedule will be and how you will clock in and out.  Right now there are open shifts for anyone to take but changes may need to be made based on experience and who can grill.
  • You will get paid monthly.  Payments will be processed on October 2nd and November 6th for hours worked the previous month
  • Things to note:

  • If the complex is closed for rain, the snack bar is closed also.  As soon as weather cancellations are made, they are immediately posted on our website, facebook and notifications will go out through the app. 
  • This is a real job and you will be expected to work, any adults that may be there are volunteers.  In addition to customer service and food prep,  cleaning, washing dishes, taking out trash and mopping floors will also be required.  
  • The season is already underway so there will be minimal training, you must be a quick learner, outgoing, and ready to jump in where needed.  
  • This job is not for everyone, so please do not sign up for a bunch of shifts before you know if you even like working there.
  • Do not sign up for a shift unless you are certain you can be there.
  • If you sign up and do not show up for a shift, the first no show will result in being suspended for a week, any shifts scheduled will be offered to someone else.  The second no-show will result in dimissal.
  • Unless it is an emergency, if you drop a shift with less than 48 hours notice and no one else picks up your shift, you are still expected to be there or it will count as a no-show.
  • Thank you!

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 05/02/2000 and 05/01/2009

2023 - FALL Umpire Registration

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/1900 and 04/30/2011

2023 FALL REC - Manager/Asst Coach Application

Manager and Assistant Coach Application for BASEBALL or SOFTBALL for the GMBL Recreational League Play - FALL 2023 Season.

All Managers and Assistant Coaches must reapply each season  for official approval.

Every Manager / Coach must complete:

Cal Ripken Training (One Time, Good for lifetime)

Babe Ruth Background Check/APS Safety Training (complete every 2 years)


Information on these requirements and the links to getting them processed can be found under HEY COACH section on the GMBL Home Page.


For Cal Ripken Training follow the following link:


For Background Checks/APS to check your Status or Submit for an update follow the following link via SPORTS ENGINE:   One Fee applies for both APS and Background Checks. 


We encourage that coaches be CPR/AED/First Aid Trained if possible.   You can also pursue certification classes through Florian CPR (a non-profit founded in honor of one of our own GMBL League Members after his life was saved by a CPR Certified team mate during a practice.)  Thanks for considering obtaining this very important life saving skill!


2023 FALL TRAVEL - Manager Application

Application for 2023 FALL GMBL Travel Team Managers

OPEN VACANCIES include:  All ages currently.


Open to:
born on or before: 01/01/2002