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Registration for Winter Programs opens October 1st


* Important tips about registering* 

  1. If you skied in any Ford Sayre program last year, use your login from last year. Your information is saved in the system.
  2. If there are two parents as contacts, please provide information for BOTH parents in the registration system.
  3. The system will allow you to register multiple children and pay at the end.


Thank you!

Nordic Club 2020-2021 - General Membership


Summer/Fall Offerings

  • Weekly agility/balance/strength with Carly Wynn (Wednesday evenings via Zoom)
  • Access to recorded spenst (explosive ski-specific strength) sessions
  • 3 in-person sessions; all abilities welcome! Weeknights; dates TBD; will take place outdoors with provisions for social distancing
    • Rollerski Agility
    • Spenst
    • Strength

Winter Offerings

  • Weekly workout at Garipay or Oak Hill
  • “Keep up with your kids” clinic: 1 or 2 weekend dates will be offered
    • For recreational skiers wishing to improve their technique and become more familiar with the language and technique cues used to teach Nordic skiing.  (While the idea – and name of the session – came out of requests from BKL parents, everyone is welcome at this session!)

Opened: 07/11/2020
Closes: 04/30/2021

Nordic Club 2020-2021 - Next-Level Membership



General membership benefits, plus:

  • A 45-minute phone or Zoom consultation with Carly Wynn to discuss your goals, to workshop your training plan, or to ask general questions.  These sessions should help you think through your approach to the ski season, and should also help us to tailor our technique clinics to your interests

Summer/Fall Offerings

  • 3 supported over-distance workouts; dates TBD (will poll members for input!)
  • Ski and Trail-Run Norwich: Park at Huntley Meadow, ski up Beaver Meadow, run down Ballard Trail
  • 2) Bike/hike/bike (with option to include a roller ski component in place of the bike): Bike Rt. 10 and Dorchester Rd to Skiway; hike; bike back.
  • Ski and Trail-Run Etna: Park at First Baptist Church in Etna; ski out and back on Dogford; ski up Ruddsboro.  Switch to sneakers; run up 3 Mile Road to AT, then back to Church.

Winter Offerings

  • 3 winter technique clinics (Sat or Sun mornings for 2 hours; all abilities welcome)

  • Race support for 2-3 race weekends

Opened: 07/11/2020
Closes: 04/30/2021