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Please read before registering:

ALL registering must supply a copy of a certified birth certificate. 

This copy can be mailed or uploaded electronically during the registration process.

Mail Birth Certificates to the following address:
Westfield Little League
P.O. Box 1066
Westfield, MA. 01085

Online Registration:

Choose the program for your player below and press the Begin Registration button. Follow the screen prompts to register all players for the family.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt of registration. However, registration is not complete until birth certificate has been received.

Scroll down to get started! 

Information entered into this program will only be available internally to the Westfield Little League with the appropriate administrative security.

NOTE: Existing members of Westfield Little League, registering online for the first time: Your child may display as Ineligible for the program as he/she is in the league listing without a date of birth. CLICK on the player's name and enter the birthdate and all member information.  The Register button will then display for your child.