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Welcome to Whitman’s Baseball and Softball Little League's Electronic Registration.   To register your player click on the appropriate registration below.   If you do not remember your password, enter it in the login area in the top right hand corner of the screen (see image below).  Follow instructions to get your password sent to you or to set a new password . 

There should be few first time users as all 2016 players were registered via this system.  If you are a first time user, 
you will be asked to enter your EMAIL Only - the system will then mail a password to your email account that you can use to gain access to registration.  


**When registering we ask that you register your children according to age starting with your oldest child first.



Text Messages:

During the season, if you would like to receive text messages alerting you of new practices scheduled, game and practice reminders, game cancelations, scheduling changes, etc. please enter your cell phone number during account setup.  When entering a cell phone number, the default setting is "No text messages".  If you would like to receive the  text messages,  alerting you must select your service provider.  If you select your provider, please note that you will be charged your standard text message rates.  The league is not responsible for any text messaging costs you incur.

League Age:
To help determine the "league age" for your child, please review the League Age Calculator on the Little League Website



Registration Help

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