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Please note, that any unpaid registrations will automatically be deleted from the registration system.

EYH requires that all players register for USA Hockey.  Your player's 2017-18 USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Number will be required in order to complete registration.  If you need to register for the 2017-18 season through USA Hockey, please visit https://usahockeyregistration.com/.

Note: Any player whose birth date is 2011 or younger, will not be charged for USA Hockey Registration.  However, EYH still requires that you register and provide the confirmation number.  For player's whose birth date is 2010 or older, the registration fee is $40.

All dates and times are subject to change.  Any changes will be noted on each registration, as well as on the association calendar.

If your player(s) participated in an EYH program during any of the last 3 years, an online account has already been created for them.  Please do NOT create a new account in order to complete registration.

If you do not know the account login/password for, please contact Mitzi Meek at 425-609-2800 or .

*ALL EYH fees and commitments are non-refundable.  Refer to EYH Handbook for refund policy.