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Note: If you are a Returning Member, when logging into the registration system please use the SAME email address that may you received email notifications from our league in the past to avoid duplicate entries.

Per Family Work Bond $50US Lacrosse Membership $25
Uniform Purchase approx. $65
Per Family Work Bond $50

You may need the following information:

  • Participant's date-of-birth
  • Participant's current school grade (see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Participant's Dr.'s Name and phone number
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Emergency contact information
  • No refunds after registration closes

How to enter School Grade:
We determine the Program a participant qualifies for based on the grade level of the current school year.
Note: After July 1, we update everyone's school grade by one - i.e. 1st grade becomes 2nd grade. Therefore, in the following year, you may NOT need to update the grade level.

Volunteer Registration for Seasonal Programs:
Our League may request Parents or Guardians to volunteer for various activities that help our program be successful throughout the year.  When requested you will be asked to select a volunteer activity prior to registering for the Program.

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All players are required to play at their grade level