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Preparation:  For player registrations you will need the following information:
  • Players's date-of-birth
  • Player's current school grade (see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Player's Uniform/T-Shirt Size
  • Player's Dr.'s Name and phone number
  • Parent's insurance company and policy number
  • Emergency contact name and number

For Fee Programs We Accept Credit Card Payments ONLY

How to enter School Grade:  Always enter the grade your child is in based on the school year specified in the prompt on the form ("Grade for XXXX-XXXX School Year").  This will ensure you end up in the right level/session.

VPP: Volunteer Point-Person - These are volunteer positions for adults only to support the operation of our steadily growing Athletic Department.  These volunteer positions are essential to continuing to provide athletic programs with NO PARTICIPATION FEES. Please consider  taking on one of these positions this year, and help ensure the continued excellene of our Athletic Program.