The goal of BFL is to provide an enjoyable, character-building program free of prejudice, criticism and allowing all the youth of our community the opportunity to learn the game of football. The success of our program will not be measured by wins or losse
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Registration for 2019 Season 
If you have any questions, please email or call (908) 720-0045


You will need the following information:

See Cancellation Policy here
  • Child's date-of-birth
  • Child's school grade (see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Child's height and weight (football only)
  • Child's Dr.'s Name and phone number
  • Your insurance policy number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Digital copy of child's birth certificate (optional)
  • Required forms - see documents on left side of home page- BFL conduct and safety (to be handed in at start of pre-season)

Mandatory Volunteer Registration ( work bond):
BFL requires all Parents or Guardians to volunteer for various activities that help our program be a success throughout the year.  ONE $50 work bond per family is required and is fully refundable once work is completed.  A detailed list of volunteer jobs can be found here.

How to enter School Grade:

Please enter the grade your child is currently in during the 2017-2018 school year.  As an example, if your child is in 1st grade during Spring 2019, then enter them as a 1st grader even though they wont be in 1st grade when they start school starts in Sept 2019, they will be starting 2nd grade.

Start by clicking Register from one the following Divisions: