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Team Rep biggest responsibility is to be the main communication link between coaches and the parents for the Team during the season. This person will help with announcements from coaches as well as from Wildcat Youth Football and will assist in organizing a schedule for field responsibilities. This person can also help coordinate carpool if it is needed.

Communication with your Coach will be Key through out the season. You will be a main conduit for informing Coach and Team of all events and information that needs to be shared.                                        


                                          COORDINATING HELP FOR GAMES:

You can have access to a Signup Genius for the season to coordinate each of the below responsibilities.

You will need to coordinate parents to work the:


Down Marker (1 parent)


Chains (2 parents)


Scoreboard & clock:


-Clock manager


-Clock manager spotter: Person that assists clock manager reminds to start/stop clock, down, distance, score, announcements over PA


Helpful Tip:


Take your Scorekeeper to meet head Ref before game, introduce him as your scorekeeper and clock manager. Ask the Ref, which ONE of the (two three) Refs he wants your Clock Manager to be in eye contact with. This elevates a lot of miss understanding. In getting this out of the way before the game, there should be no confusion of whose orders he/she is to follow.

Also you may ask the Ref if he would like a count down, if so how long.

Please pick up all trash and litter after games, be prompt in getting your team off the field when games are over. There is most likely another Game ready to start.

Away Games :

You will need to coordinate directions to away games, location and directions. Sending out a reminder to your parents, that our bringing halftime fruit and water cooler duty is helpful too. Visit our website for Directions to Opposing Team:  It is helpful to send out directions to away games, however if you are not going to please let parents know the directions are on the website. Another helpful tip is to have Coaches and Team Reps Cell numbers on roster, in case parents need to reach you, or are lost!