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When registering, you will be prompted to enter in your child's experience.  This helps us better prepare our lesson plans.  Our clinics and camps provide the best training whe players are in the appropriate skill level. When possible players will be divided by skill level, not age. Players will be able to move to a more advanced court as soon as they are ready.

Level 1 - Never played before, has attended less than 3 clinics/camps, or has limited exposure through PE or school sports. Doesn’t know or needs practice with basic skills and keys. This level is an intro to and practice for basic movements and concepts. 


Level 2 - Attended 3 or more camps or multi-day clinics and/or played on organized teams but can't overhand serve or direct passes consistently off of serve receive. Makes attempts at serving, passing, setting and hitting that look roughly correct, but performance isn't consistent.  Has ball control during controlled play and can rally across net on short court when goal is keeping ball in play.


Level 3 - Middle School - can overhand serve consistently; can pass to general area of the setter; knows basic hitting footwork and swing; has desire to hit harder; knows basic defensive moves; knows basic setting keys but lacks "clean hands" and inconsistent with location.


Level 3 - High School - same as Middle School, but able to serve-receive pass consistently, ability to serve and hit with increased velocity; has the strength to set to the outside hitter.


Level 4 - Has played at least 2 years of Club Volleyball or is on High School Varsity. Familiar with all phases of the game including rotations, transitions, offense, and defense.



This clinic is intended for players who are still learning or want to improve their overhand serve.  No jump float or spin serves will be covered (see Advanced Serving). Proper mechanics for the standing serve will be taught.

This clinic is intended for players who can consistently serve overhand.  Proper mechanics will be reviewed and focus will be on practicing the jump float and spin serves.

This clinic is geared toward introducing players to hitting.  Proper mechanics for approach and arm swing will bre covered. Level 1/2 Players only.

This clinic is geared toward players who want to refine their attacking skills. Players in this level should be able to consistently attack the ball with proper form.  Transitions will also be covered. Level 3/4 Players Only.