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Wildcat Youth Football Families,
We're pleased to announce a new partnership with other regional communities in a 4th/5th grade padded flag league.  As many of you know, we began a strategy a year ago to offer a modified football program to our younger aged participants. This strategy was based on clear trends in youth football as more participants moved to a limited or non-contact game at the younger ages.  We support this trend, and feel it is important to maintain a program that not only matches parent expectations for the youngest players, but begins to stress and teach the fundamentals of the game at those ages.  The result was the first year of a 4th grade padded flag in 2018.  While we consider it a success for the first year, we also heard the feedback around the desire to play competitive games against other teams outside of Verona.
With that, we have created our own league this year with Belleville joining us!
4th and 5th grade is combined on a team.  The teams are to be balanced, with an equal number of 4th graders (as possible).
Games Days and Locations:
Games are played on Saturday mornings or afternoons.  Since they are played on smaller fields, this allows for multiple games on one field and a compressed schedule.  Therefore, one site will host multiple teams on a Saturday.  This will result in 1 home game, and 5 away games for all teams in the league.