Houghton, Michigan
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     The home of the Eagles is located in the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It is commonly referred to as “Copper Country”. Local cities include Houghton, Hancock and Calumet. The area can be described as an outdoor paradise; In fact, the Keweenaw area was recently named by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the ten best summer outdoor recreational areas in the country. Copper Country boast’s a unique living style with low crime and lot’s of snow. High school districts consistently rate very high in state and national academic placement tests. The area also includes an internationally recognized public university (Michigan Technological University) as well as a private college (Finlandia University). Houghton County Airport serves the area with immediate access to Minneapolis. Driving distance to Houghton: 6 hours from Chicago, 7 hours from Minneapolis or 9 hours from Detroit.

    The Copper Country is also a great place for hockey. From birth children all over the copper country are brought to there local outdoor ice rinks and taught to skate, and that will then develop some great hockey players. Hockey is available competetively from the age of 5 until you are too old to skate. Weather is playing mites with the CCJHA, or playing for the Portage Lake Pioneers at the age of 40. Not only is there great hockey for you to play, the Houghton area is home to one of the deepest, if not the deepest, hockey histories in the United States. The first professional hockey teams to ever play the sport in the United States skated through the doors at the Dee (located where the amphidrome once stood), located in downtown Houghton. To find out more about Copper Country hockey, and what it has to offer visit some of the sites in our
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