How to subscribe to a St. Patrick’s Sports Calendar


You can add any of the sports calendars directly to your iPhone making it easy to always stay up to date. Any future changes to the schedule will automatically update.


You should do this from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to www.stpsports.org

  2. Go to the bottom of the webpage and click “Full Site”

  3. At the top of the page, Go to Teams – Multi-Schedule

  4. Select the correct sport / season (ex. Baseball 2015)

  5. Check the boxes of all of the teams you want to follow (you can choose multiple teams if you have children on more than 1 team)

  6. Click Submit


The custom calendar is now displayed. You have several options:


Calendar Feed (subscribe to the calendar from your iPhone or iPad):

  1. Click Options – Calendar Feed

  2. Select iCal

  3. When prompted to Subscribe, click Yes


When you go to your Calendar the sports events will now be listed. Alternatively you can save the Direct Link as a Favorite to easily bring up the schedule in a web browser.