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Procedures for how to assign players to rosters in the system:

Once AGCs have received confirmation from league administrators that empty teams for upcoming season are in place, AGCs can populate rosters in the system.
Make sure you know the correct team names and colors for a given season, as these can change from time to time (especially for In-Town and Minisoccer programs). 
Make sure you use the teams for the correct division and current season.  (You will see Fall In-Town, Minisoccer, CYSL, Spring InTown, Coastal, DFC, etc.  Make sure you select the correct season/teams.)



IMPORTANT --  Instructions for doing rosters for AGCs -- the screen fields/options have recently changed (this section is current as of Fall 2014):



After you log in with your own email address and your own password:
At top of screen - click orange "Admin"
Black banner with icons will appear
Under Teams icon - select "Assign rosters"
You will be on the screen where you tell the system which pool of players you want to assign to teams.

The screen title is: Select Team & Participants

The key point is that you only want to select players who are in your age group; and who are not yet assigned to one of your teams (they could already be assigned to a DFC team in this same season, keep that in mind); and who are paid.
Best way to do that --
Select a Team - choose the first team to which you want to assign players (Choose from the correct season/division -- such as In-Town U10-U14, or Minisoccer U6-U8 teams)

Select Participants - choose Currently Unassigned to Selected Teams (you will identify the "selected teams" on next screen)

Member Type - choose Players Only

Registered In - choose the Registration program in which your players are registered - (this should be straightforward, but please contact the Registrar if you are uncertain about which is the correct program.)

Exclude Unpaid Registrants - make sure this box has a checkmark in it.  Unpaid registrations cannot be put on a roster.  [The Registrar will have removed most unpaid registrations prior to AGCs building rosters, but this field is an additional check/control for this.]

Assign jersey numbers from previous team - make sure this box is NOT checked

(Any other fields not explicitly mentioned can be left blank or left as set by system when screen loaded)
>> Press Submit button.

On the next screen - "Select Teams":
For the next step, scroll to bottom of screen - use the "Check/uncheck All above" to uncheck/deselect all teams in all divisions/age groups)

Then, manually select (check) just the teams in your age group (i.e., the division for which you are responsible for creating teams)
(So, as an example -- the AGC for Fall InTown BU12 would leave only the teams in InTown BU12 checked, but no others)

This will make the system examine ONLY the teams in your age group for previous assignments of players; any player already assigned to the checked teams will not show up in the player pool on the next screen)  (This is how you will still be able to see/select players already assigned on a DFC roster and still be able to assign them (also) to your division's/program's rosters)

>> Press Submit button.

Next screen is Registration Criteria. 
No action required here. 

>> Press Submit.

Next screen is titled Assign Teams. 

This is the screen where you click on player names to assign them to the selected team.  Click names to assign to the team roster.  Along the left side of the screen, you can see the roster grow as you click on players.

>> Save the roster.

Next screen is titled Assign Positions. 
No action should be required here. The default Position for each individual assigned to the roster is "Player".

>> Click on Submit.


You are now back on the Select Team & Participants screen.  Repeat steps for your next team.