What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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WYSC Involved in the Building of the Central Complex


WYSC is excited to announce our affiliation with the Fauquier Youth Sports Council!  Our partnership is a collaborative effort to support and assist Fauquier County Parks and Recreation and county youth sports organizations which includes WYSC, Fauquier County Roller Hockey League, Fauquier County Soccer Club, Fauquier Girls Little League Softball, Fauquier LaCrosse, Fauquier Youth Football, Fauquier Youth Football Flag League, and Greater Fauquier Baseball Little League in the development and improvement of facilities, sites, and properties that provide services for Fauquier County youth sports. 

Our mission is to inform our members of our ideas and recommendations for the improvement of indoor and outdoor sports sites.  We are pleased to announce our involvement in the development of a centralized sports complex which will consist of fields for football, soccer, baseball, softball; indoor facilities for inline hockey, and volleyball located in central Fauquier County just off of Meetze Road.

In an effort to give our young athletes a quality centralized sports complex for practices, games, tournaments, and athletic development, Fauquier County Parks and Recreation has committed to providing the funds necessary to complete the infrastructure of the sports complex.  WYSC, along with the participating clubs and organizations, has committed to providing the funds necessary to complete the remaining building of the fields.  In a collaborative effort to develop the fields.  WYSC is proud to be a part of the Fauquier Yourh Sports Council and excited to be a part of providing our county with additional fields for our young athletes. Thank you for registering to play recreational soccer with WYSC and for your support in the development of a centralized sports complex in Fauquier County.


To see official Parks and Recreation Central Complex Diagram click [ HERE ]