Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to the development of lacrosse in the Southwest Metro, Bear Creek, Green Mountain, and Lakewood area by providing boys the opportunity to learn and play the game in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

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The following information was created in response to the 2014 Spring Year-end Surveys.  We learned so much from the survey and hope this information is helpful to everyone.

Comment:  Price should be inclusive of all cost

Response: The is very common comment and while this could be seen as a good idea, a very large portion of the parents would not like this approach as it would not allow teams to make these decision at the team level.  

This suggestion primarily applies to two areas:  Jamboree Tournament & the Team Year End Party

Tournaments:  Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse is a member of the Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) and our “season” officially ends with the CYLA Championship Tournament.  While many teams participate every year, most teams do not have a full roster and not every team chooses to participate.  Raising our registration fees to cover the cost of tournaments outside of the season, which not every team or every player participates in is seen as unfair to most parents and teams.    By allowing teams (e.g. the parents) to decide if they will participate and then dividing that cost between the actual people participating is seen as “fairer” than asking non-participants to pay for other teams and players.  Some team even choose to participate in different tournaments outside of the Jamboree.

Year End Parties:  These “celebrations” of the season can vary from team to team and especially based upon age groups.  Some teams like to provide “gifts” to their players and some do not.  There would be no way for the league to put a flat fee on this year-end event.   It is therefore left up to the parents of their respective teams to determine how big of an event they are willing to finance.  Again, it would be unfair to ask parents who decide not to have a year-end event to pick up the cost of the team that decides to have a full-blown event.  Be leaving this decision at the team level, the league is allowing each team to determine their own event without raising the overall cost of every player who signs up to play lacrosse.

Comment: Too Much Fund Raising

Response:  This ties into the above question regarding having an all-inclusive registration fee.  (See previous response).  Fund raising allows people to decide what is more convenient for them as individuals.   This could be budgetary or it could be that they want their child to earn or contribute to their experience, it’s different and up to each individual family.  Some people would rather contribute “X” amount of dollars for a team party while others would rather have fund-raisers.  Fundraising is “optional”, you have the option to donate money equal to amount that you are asked to fundraise towards your teams fundraising goal.


Comment:  More “Club” fundraising, Bear Wear & It would be nice if you get money for the club to help with fees

Response: This is an excellent question and I'm certain lots of people can benefit from this explanation. The "Club" in this case Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse, does not want compete against the teams for fundraising. Most people I talk to, feel that there is already too much fundraising going on and would not like to fund raise for the club and then again for the team. Something like candy bars, decals, tee-shirts might raise $300 for a team. $300 can go a long ways towards a year-end team party, but $300 back towards registration is only $4 per player. In reality, it would even be less as fundraising for the "Club" is far less successful than "team" fundraisers. Family and friends are much more likely to purchase when the proceeds go directly to the player they know than back to the league or "Club" level.

Paraphrased comment on this subject from the President of BCJSA.  “It's handled the same in all Bear Creek Junior Sports Associations sports programs so far. The teams do individual fundraising and BCJSA is working on getting grants and sponsorship's to work on the fees. Unfortunately, like all our sports, the fields are our largest fee, and that is at the mercy of our facilities. We also offer the Opportunity to Play Grants for those who need help with the fees.”

Comment:  “Promote the club so kids stay and don't defect i.e.: 50% + turn over yearly”

Response:  We are working very hard to ensure that every kid who participates enjoys his experience and even though that is our goals, some kids and/or parents decide to leave for one reason or another.  We have mandated implementing Positive Coaching Alliance “life lessons” into practices and games every week, we have provided Parent Workshops, we have “branded” our program by Partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance and worked very hard to gain a reputations as a great place for youth to learn youth sports.  Unfortunately, we have to adjust to some difficult situations and improve each year.  For example, last season we did not have a home field in time for CYLA to create their schedule and none of our teams had very friendly schedules.   We greatly improved in this area with the exception of the 2014 Spring U9 team.  CYLA issued our Under 9 team a schedule that everyone would agree was unfavorable.  Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse has no input to the schedule; besides providing them with home field availability, which was EVERY Saturday & Sunday of the season.  We will likely lose some players over this, but this is beyond the control of Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse.   We obviously, stated our case and will hopefully have a better schedule next year.  

Overall our program increased in size from 3 teams to 4 and just short of 5 teams. Unfortunately we had to turn kids away and overall the feedback is extremely positive.  Our program is making great strides in the growth department.  Specifically we increased from 3 teams to 4 this season and increased our overall numbers by 36% with a 76% retention rating.   Our 2013 U10 team returned 77%, Our 2013 U12 team returned 88%, and our 2013 U13 team returned 66%.

Updated: (2015 Season)  Copied from #6 on the lacrosse home page

Close-knit Group:  It is our desire to create a fun community environment where our parents and our players become friends on and off the field.  One of the ways we do this is by providing our players with a ticket to each of the Denver Outlaws regular season home games*.  We encourage family and friends to sit with our group during games by taking advantage of the special/limited time purchase of additional tickets that are available when you register to play for Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse.


Comment:  Have a Fall League

Response:  There are fall lacrosse opportunities available last year (2013) and this year (2014) Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse did participating in the CYLA Fall league with U9, U11 and U13 teams.   Players were encouraged to participate in the CYLA fall program last season (2013) that was held on Sundays and South Suburban runs a fall league as well.   Individual teams are encouraged to participate, some players/parent decide to play and others do not.  For example, the (2013) U12 team plays together as a team the past two summer seasons and fall in the south Suburban league.    This leagues/opportunities are made available on our website and on Facebook.  You should also receive emails directly from CYLA and South Suburban if you’ve participated in a previously program of theirs.  

Comment: Start Practices Earlier in the Season and Provide “Conditioning” practices

Response:  The earliest fields are available in the spring is March 1st and this is the date that we shoot for when starting the season.  This season that was delayed as field permits were not issued in time to start.  We requested fields in November, being land locked there is a LOT of youth sports trying to get onto fields in the Spring, so the issuing agencies have to work through a LOT of field permits and determine how so solve the field usage issue to the best of their ability.   Lacrosse in particular is not very popular with those who maintain fields and has actually been banned at many schools because coaches, players, parents tend not to have consideration that it is the Spring or growing season and trample the middle of the field.  Organizations do not have the funds to re-seed, replace or fix fields that or destroyed by youth sports.  As you know, Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse went to extremes the past two seasons to “protect” the fields and in doing such are slowly rebuilding our reputation.  This will in turn make us a preferred user of the fields.   One day of practice on a wet/muddy field is not worth us losing field(s) for the next several years!

Conditioning for lacrosse is a great idea.  Many kids are taking advantage of Speed and Agility programs being offered at local high schools.  I know Bear Creek and Chatfield High Schools have programs.  Basketball is another great winter sport option that provides conditioning.   Gym space is extremely difficult to acquire as it is basketball season.  (Also see comment on indoor practices)

Updated: (2015 Season)  Players that are registered and paid will be able to start in January at Bear Creek HS artificial turf field (weather permitting) once a week for early season workouts.


Comment: Having an indoor facility to use when the fields are closed or during the off-season.

Response:  We are lucky to have the Foothills Arena right at Schaefer field, unfortunately the fee is $195 per hour.  We do occasionally make an effort to lock into an hour session, but they field typically fills up real quickly during the high demand time frames.   The fee is non-refundable, if we attempt to guess that it will be raining on a particular day (e.g. using the 7 day forecast) and it turns out to be nice you still pay the $195.  The cost of using the indoor would be approximately $10 per kids per 1-hour practice.  Adding that cost to our registration fee would make our program extremely expensive compared to other area programs.  

Some people have also suggested using school gymnasiums.  As you now know, a lacrosse ball can do a lot of damage to our local gymnasiums.   Additionally, most of the local gyms are occupied by the schools own functions.   We have also made attempts to use the artificial grass field at Bear Creek High School, again when the weather turns bad, they move the high school sports from the grass fields to the artificial grass.


Comment: Director of Sports should not be allowed to Coach

Response:  I believe all of the Sports directors within BCJSA also coach.   It is extremely difficult to get volunteers (coaches and board members) and I suspect that it would be even more difficult to get people involved if they were forbidden from coaching their own children/participating at the team level.   Additionally, a director who doesn’t coach could become disconnected from the needs of the players and coaches.   Many of the decision being made are based upon the feedback of our coaches and what would help me coach better, enjoy coaching more, and keeping our kids safe while having fun.


Comment: Who is on the Lacrosse Board

Response:  The current board members are listed on the website under the “Contacts” tab.   Additionally, the positions and responsibilities are described in the BCYL Rules and Regulations under the documents tab.  Part of the registration includes a section where people are asked if they would be willing to help and in what way(s).  BCJSA has meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Comment: AED’s are not widely helpful.

Response:   According to the American Red Cross:  Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Over 350,000 people will suffer from sudden cardiac arrest this year. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and at any age. An AED is the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest and is an easy to operate tool for someone with no medical background.  The average response time for first responders once 911 is called is 8-12 minutes.  For each minute of defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival is reduced approximately 10%.


US Lacrosse: One rare but potentially catastrophic phenomenon in athletes that results in sudden cardiac arrest is commotio cordis. Commotio cordis occurs when a blunt, but often relatively mild, blow to the area of the chest directly over the heart occurs during a precise moment of heart's cycle, leading to sudden cardiac arrest.

The most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest and, indeed, the only effective response to commotio cordis, is the timely delivery of a life-saving shock or defibrillation. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are portable and easy-to-use devices that deliver potentially life-saving defibrillation therapy quickly and effectively. Tens of thousands of lives that would have otherwise been lost have been saved by AEDs.

Because commotio cordis is so rare, little is known about its cause. But US Lacrosse is playing a leading role in ongoing research and is committed to educating the national lacrosse community about the potential dangers of commotio cordis, as well as the life-saving value of having AEDs available during lacrosse games and practices.

Added: OCT 2014 - US Lacrosse webpage with some wonderful information (Click Here)

BCYL Director: Commotio Cordis has a special concern to me, as a player at my former high school passed away from a legal stick check during a lacrosse game from Commotio Cordis.  While extremely rare, I would definitely prefer to be on the safe side of this subject.  (

Comment: BCYL is not $25 cheaper than surrounding programs.

Response:  Correct.  I apologize, I re-used the survey from last season and should have read it a bit closer.  Last year our registration was $189.  This year we increased the fee, in part, to move to Schaefer Athletic Complex.  Feedback on this move has been overwhelming positive and the move was based on feedback from last season.

Comment: Bear Creek Youth Lacrosse Facebook page is only about the U12 Team

Response:  We are sorry that you feel this way and an effort was made, via emails and posts on Facebook, encouraging additional input from others on the Facebook page.  It is a public page and anyone can post, we do police for advertising and/or inappropriate posts.  I will point out that the U12 Team is the team that I coach and therefore I have updated information on this team at each game/practice.  While parents, team managers and coaches were asked to participate, they did not provide any Facebook data to post.   However, through end of the season I counted the posts to be:

About Positive Coaching Alliance:  18 Posts (30%)

About General Lacrosse Information: 35 Posts (46%)

About the U12 Team  11 Posts (15%)

About the U11 Team 5 Posts (7%)

About the U9 Team 4 Posts (5%)

About the U15 Team 3 Posts (3%)