Sandwich Youth Lacrosse

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SYL Player Development Timeline
  • Fundamentals (throwing, shooting, catching, scooping, dodging basics)
  • Reinforcement of the following concepts:  tight stick, third ear, magic hands, show em’ your back

  • U7 concepts (as noted)
  • Basic field concepts: move to open areas, make the pass, play your side/position, and team communication
  • Basics of checking
  • Scrimmages and competitive drills

  • U7 and U9 concepts (as noted)
  • Structured practice plan
  • Full-field concepts including:
  • Positions
  • Basic rules (off-sides, crease violations, substitutions)
  • Basic settle offense (perimeter passing and movement)
  • Basic settle defense (man-to-man “Mark-up” defense)
  • Movement without ball
  • Basic fast break offense and defense
  • Transition situations
  • Introduce ride and clear
  • Face-offs

  • U7, U9, U11 concepts (as noted)
  • Advanced passing (weave, head-man, feeding)
  • Advanced dodging (split, roll, inside roll)
  • Structured clear and ride
  • Structured fast break offense and defense
  • Man-up and man-down
  • Settled offense
  • Advanced rules
  • Playbook – set plays