Sandwich Youth Lacrosse

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Fundamentals of Lacrosse



  • Hand position on the stick.  One hand should be on the bottom of the stick and the other around the middle of the shaft.
  • Keep your hands away from your body, much like a quarterback does when throwing a pass.  Watch for that top hand elbow getting too close to your body.
  • Step with the opposite foot of the hand you are throwing with when you pass the ball.
  • When you release the ball, you should be pointing the head of your stick to your target.


  • Very much like throwing a pass only harder.
  • The player should really get his hands away from the body and snap his hips as he releases the shot.
  • The stick head should be pointed toward the cage (target) and should be shooting overhand.

  • Keep your top hand by the head of the stick and keep the stick close to your body.
  • When the pass comes in, give with the ball and bring the head of your stick by your ear.  That is where you should cradle.
  • You do not want to “stab” at the ball.  Watch the ball into your stick.
  • You need to have soft hands, really look the ball all the way into your stick.


  • When you go to scoop up the ball you should step with the same foot as the hand you are scooping with.  You should step next to the ball, so your leg is blocking another player from picking up the ball or knocking it away.
  • When you do scoop the ball up you need to get really low to the ground and explode through the ball.  Keep running hard after you pick the ball up.  Do not stand straight up and become a target.
  • After you scoop the ball up, bring the cradle right by your head, do not hang your stick, and keep your head up for someone to pass to.
  • When you do go for the ball you should yell “ball,” and only after you successfully pick up the ball yell “release.” 
  • Run away from pressure.