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Board Members

Bruce Westfall Past President 
John Wieber President

Dwayne Beneze

Jeff German Hockey Director  
Jocelyn Patton  Registrar
Zach Edwards Secretary  
Brian Turnerr Scheduler
Brandon Yonker Men's C/D League Commissioner
Bud Chase At Large
Patrick Brighton  At Large  
Ross Bloomburg At Large  
Doug Hoyt At Large  
Angie Santo Women's League Commissioner  

NIHA Committee Chairs:

Master Schedule:                                    Brian Turner
Team Administrator: Team Designated  
Booster/Fundraising: John Wieber / Brian Turner/ Jocelyn Patton 
Audit: TBD
Website:                Bud Chase / Lindsey Brighton / 
Finance:    Dwayne Beneze
Equipment:           Patrick Brighton / Chris O'Reilly / Bud Chase/ Ben Johnson - 
Banquet:           John Wieber/ Brian Turner/ Jocelyn Patton
Scores for Schools: Bud Chase
McCarthy Cup Tournament:    Brian Turner/ Lindsey Brighton / 
NIHA Annual Golf Outing:   


General Questions:  


Rules Governing the Administration of NIHA


A. NIHA shall hold its meeting on the third Monday of each month at Newark Ice Arena, Newark, OH 43055, 6:30PM.  Always check website calendar for changes.

B. Members of the Board of NIHA shall serve as members of the following Standing Committees:

(i) Audit Committee
(ii) Safety & Equipment Committee
(iii) Disciplinary Review Committee
(iv) Liaison & Coaching Committee
(v) Any other Committee that the President/Board shall deem necessary 

Board of Directors:

Vice President
Past President
At Large

C. All officers and chairpersons involved with NIHA programs shall:

(i) Attend all monthly meetings and all general meetings.

Any Director who is absent for three (3) consecutive monthly Board meetings without a reasonable excuse shall be asked to resign from the Board and shall be replaced by the President, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

(ii) Be prepared to submit a budget for the year to the Treasurer for his/her respective Committee prior to its deadline.
(iii) Choose his/her own co-chairperson and committee members as needed.

D. Referees:

(i) The Referee-in-Chief shall train and schedule all NIHA referees.
(ii) USA Hockey-registered referees will officiate all NIHA games.

E. ACE Coordinator (Association Coaching & Education Coordinator)

The ACE coordinator will be responsible (to the President of the association) for the administration of all coaching and educational programs within the association.

  • Oversee the recruitment, selection, training and evaluation of all coaches and instructors.
  • Organize and develop periodic workshops for all instructors and coaches.
  • Plan, develop and organize skating clinics, goaltending clinics, checking clinics and any other clinics that will meet the needs of the association's players.
  • Develop a teaching and practice curriculum for the association.
  • Evaluate and supervise practice sessions and offer constructive criticism to improve the program.
  • Establish and maintain an association resource center for coaches, instructors, parents, players and officers.

Questions and Problems in General

Problems that may arise during the course of the season shall be handled as follows:

Step 1: Parent should attempt to resolve the concern with the coach.
Step 2: If step two (2) is necessary, the Hockey Director will meet with the Parent(s) and coach(es) to resolve the issue.
Step 3: If step three-(3) is necessary, then the House League Director or the Travel League Director will endeavor to resolve the issue.


Playing Up Policy
USA Hockey discourages youngsters from playing up in the next age category and NIHA as a general rule does notpermit it.  If however, there are special circumstances that the Board needs to review the following procedure must be followed:

Your request must be in writing and must be received thirty (30) days prior to the actual tryout.  Failure to adhere to the fore-noted will render the request null and void.

Parent and former coach must show reasonable cause for a player to be considered for playing up.

Once the petition is received, and if approved by the Board, the player will be permitted to tryout for the team at the next age category.  The player will still be expected to tryout for the team in their proper age category.

The player being considered must demonstrate exceptional skills and be dominant within their own birth year.

The player trying out at the next age category must be evaluated and rated as a top "5" or a number one (1) goalie.

Questions and Problems on Site

  1. Newark Ice Rink: Personnel are on duty at all times. The manager of the rink is the principal person in charge and can open locker room doors, turn on scoreboard, and make ice cuts.
  2. NIHA Contacts: For problems that cannot be resolved by rink management, contact needs to be made to the persons listed below. Please report all problems (solved or unsolved) within twenty-four (24) hours to one of these individuals.

Issues must be addressed as quickly as possible. John Wieber, President