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Game Rules for end-of-season InTown SuperCup

Here are some of the game rules that differ from regular season games, due to length of games and the need to quickly resolve ties.

Normal checkin, captains, coin toss each game. Coaches and refs need to work together to get these steps done quickly each game.

1.) 30 min games (except for age groups with only 2 teams -- they play a single regular 60 minute game to determine champion).

2.) No actual halftime "break", but - switch ends at or near 15 min mark.

a.) Ref will stop game at 15 minutes mark, or at a logical break just after 15 min mark if a play is in progress.
b.) No break at half; have players on the field simply switch ends, and re-kickoff.
c.) Recommended: No subs at that time -- need to keep game on schedule.

3.) Games tied after regulation go to PK shootout.

a.) Each team takes 3 PKs.  After 3 PKs, if one team is ahead, they are winner.
b.) After 3 PKs, sudden death single-PK rounds - the first team to go ahead by 1 after each team shoots one is the winner.
c.) No player can shoot more than one PK until all players on a team, including GK, have taken a turn.
d.) If all players have taken a PK, coach should pass through the same order again.  (Coaches should have their order set in advance of Saturday so they can keep track.)
e.) In order to avoid delaying games that follow, shootouts may take place in a designated shootout area, possibly not on the field on which the game was played.  TBD on Saturday.
f.) PKs are taken from 12 yards for U14; taken from 8 yards for U10 & U12

All other game rules unchanged.

At end of championship game in each age group, the winning team should move to area in front of kickboard to receive prizes and allow parents to take team photo.  (Also allows next game to get started on the field.)