Family * Fun * FitnessSoccer, Flag Football, Basketball, and Baseball for youth ages 3-13


We have gathered some often asked questions and placed the answers to these questions in the info below.  If you do not see the question or answer you might be looking for, please contact USA for more detailed information.  Thanks for your interest in our programs!

Q. How can I register for a USA program?
A. You can register online.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Fee schedule is: $75 - $100 (The earlier you register the less expensive it is!)
          (we always offer a returning player a "special" discounted rate if
      registering before the end of the current season)

Q. Is there any Fund Raising or Snack bar duties required?
A. NO!  we do not require fund raising and we do not need parents to operate snack bars.  We want parents to spend their time enjoying their child and their teams expereince!

Q. When are practice held for your sports?
A. All practice schedules are arranged by each team's parents before each season.  We allow each team to decide thier practice schedule.

Q.  When are games played in your program?
A.  All games are scheduled to play on Fridays and Saturdays; Day and Nights.  However, we may schedule a mid-week night game due to weather or special circumstances. 

Q.  How old do you need to be to participate in a sport?
A.  Each sport varies:  Soccer & T-Ball need to be age 3 by the first scheduled game.
                                        Hoops - We will allow a 4 year old to play, but youngest division is 5-6.

Q.  How many days a week do teams have to practice?
A.  There is no minium, but a maxium of 6 hours per week for Soccer, T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Hoops. 

Q.  What is included in registration fee?
A.  The registration fee covers a variety of things to include but not limited to; uniform, practice equipment, admin fees, insurance, officials, & facilities.
Q. Where will games be played?
A. Game sites vary from season to season, but historically we have had four different regions:
     East - Lakeside Park Soccer & T-Ball
     Vail - Lakeside Park Soccer, T-Ball 
     South - Rodeo Park Soccer, T-Ball

Sahuarita - North Park Soccer, T ball

All regions- Lead Gym, Basketball
Q. How many seasons do you offer?
A. Three - four times per year usually.
Q. How long is each season?
A. Usually 7 or 8 games plus some divisions and sports offer end of season tourneys.

Q. Who is the coach of my child's team?
A. All coaches are family volunteers.  Parent or Guardian will be expected to assist and or coach their child's team.  About 90% of our teams have "pre-volnteered" coaches.  There is a chance your child's team will not have a pre-assigned coach.  WE DO EXPECT PARENTS TO COACH & ASSIST TEAM!

Q. Are trophies, awards or photos included?
A. No. Photos & trophies are not included.  However USA will offer a Photo Day for all teams as well as information on where to order team trophies & awards.  This is optional and is not required from all team players or parents.

Q. Are the programs competitive or recreational?
A. We promote ourselves to be recreational in nature.  However, with any sports their is bound to be some competition.  Most of our programs do not keep league standings or scores.  We promote FUN, FAMILY & FITNESS!

Q. Will my child improve thier sports skills?
A. Depends on a lot of factors like committment, coaching, development, attitude.  This program is about allowing children to PLAY the sports without getting caught up in the negatives of Youth Sports!

Please contact USA if you have any other questions or need additional information.