LCAHA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing hockey to the Lewis Clark Valley. We offer programs to help players learn basic skills and have fun playing hockey.

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This seminar is the normal all-day format, open book & closed book tests will be taken after lunch and an on-ice session will wrap things up. Please register for this seminar on the USA Hockey website (it's FREE) to save your spot. We encourage you to also register as a referee for this season (Costs $) before the seminar. Level 1 referees will be taking their open book tests at the seminar so PRINT YOURS OUT if possible. If you don't have access to a printer, bring your USA Hockey login information and we'll help you out. Please read the rule changes below. We encourage you to register for a higher level than you were last year because of Rule Change #2 (see below).
Location: LC Ice Arena
Start Time: 8:00am
On-Ice Session: 2 Hours (end of day)

What You Should Bring
  • Referee # (if possible)
  • Rulebook (if possible)
  • Level 1 Open Book Test (Printed)
  • Ice Skates
  • Hockey Helmet (no cage, 1/2 shields required this season)
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch or Lunch Money (45-60 mins for lunch)
  • All Your Referee Gear

1. All referees are required to wear a non-tinted half shield while refereeing. The $15 visors from are great!

2. This season IAHA is mandating that all referees follow USA Hockey's officiating standards which break down like this:
Level 1: Mites, Squirts, PeeWees
Level 2: Level 1 games Bantams (Midget, High School, Adult ONLY IF you moved up from level 1)
Level 3: Eligible for everything

The penalties for a local association not following these assignment rules are drastic. The game won't count for either team, both teams are placed in 'bad standing' with IAHA which can affect their eligibility to play in the state tournaments, and your referee association will also be in bad standing. The solution is easy, just move up a level and everything will be great! Level 1 -> Level 2 = Eligible for everything. Level 2 -> Level 3 = eligible for everything. If you're trying to stay a Level 1 forever to save money (been there, done that) this rule is encouraging you to move up.

If you have any questions please email: or