Welcome to the Sno-King Hockey Goalie Corner!


Sno-King Hockey Goalie Program

Here at Sno-King Hockey Association we have a variety of options for goaltending development. We offer in-season goaltending coaching  for all of our goalies. 


Simple and Effective Home Goalie Programs

Exercise Program

Dynamic Flexibility

Static Stretches




Our program offers the following goaltending coaches to allow coverage for all of our goalies throughout the season.






Darin Campbell

Goaltending Director 

Sam Bloomberg

Goalie Instructor







Here's what we have going on over the next year

- Free Sunday goalie clinic (starting September 24th) at Renton from 5:25-6:25 PM
- Free in season goalie clinics with Ian Gordon at Showare Arena
- A goalie coach at one team practice per week during the season
Video/GoPro analysis. NEW Coming in January and February 2018
In season game analysis for all fulltime goalies. NEW starting in December 2017
Adding more Brent Seidel this season
- Coaches will be given direction on how to work with the goalies when the goalie coach is not on the ice
Improved stations for the goalies during 10U and 12U skills nights.
We are also one of only 2 associations in the entire country hosting USA Hockey GDR camp in May. This camp is for high level '03 goalies that have been selected as having a high potential to move to the next level. Hosted by Phil Osaer and Mike Landry of USA hockey. This camp is designed to provide American goaltenders, thier coaches and families a path to a development environment that is world leading.
We will be sharing USA hockey's monthly goalie webinars.
- Consulting with Phoenix Coyotes goalie coach Corey Schwab on season goalie plan and progressions. 
Hope to see you at the rink.


Goalie Home Exercise Program

No equipment needed (mostly) and should try to do once a day or 5-6 days a week

1) Planks (Front, side) (3x1 min each.) Start with front plank then move to each side immediately after each plank ends. 60 sec rest in-between sets until you have done 3 on each side)

2) Body weight squats. (3x20,25,30) Using proper body mechanics start your first set with 20 squats, second set 25 squats, third set 30 squats. Do this with 60-90 seconds of rest in between. Proper squat mechanics consist of sticking your butt out first and then using your hips to lower your body down to 90 degrees. Stay on your heels as your body lowers. A good reference point is to never let your knees go over toes as you squat down.

3) Pushup Burpees (3x12) Make sure to do the pushup once your body hits the ground and then explode vertically up in the air. 90 second rest in between sets.

4) Single leg chair squats (3x12 each leg) Use a chair to balance your resting leg on behind you for this exercise. Using proper squat mechanics, squat down slowly with one leg for 12 repetitions. Do this for 3 sets on each leg.

5) Tricep Chair Dips (3x20) 60-90 seconds of rest in between

6) lunges 3x15 on each side

7) Jump rope (3x1 min each)

8) 20 yard sprints 3x10 (10 second break in between each rep during the set. 60-90 second break in between each set.) (Start with the 90 sec break and work up to the 60 sec break)


Dynamic Flexibility 

Should be done before all games, practices and most workouts. Each one should go 15-20 steps, down and back

1) Punter Walks (Each step you take and keeping your leg straight, kick out your opposite hand to opposite foot.)

2) Knee to chest (Each step you take pull your knee into your chest and then switch knees for the next step.)

3) Internal rotation toe touch (Bring your foot up and in with each step and try to touch the top of foot with your hand.)

4) External Rotation Heel touch (Bring your foot up and out and try to touch the heel with the hand)

5) Forward lunge with a twist (Lunge forward and twist your upper body towards the leg that just completed the lunge. Switch legs for each step.)

6) Backwards lunge with Overhead reach. (Doing a lunge backwards, slightly reach overhead with your arms to stretch out your back as well.)

7) Inchworms (Bonus: Inchworms with a pushup)

Static Stretches

Hold each for 30 seconds and twice on each side.

1) Hamstring Stretch: Lie down on your back and pull your knee to your chest and then straighten your leg to the air. Your opposite leg should be straight on the ground as you do this. It is easier to use a dog leash or strap wrapped around your foot.

2) Piriformis stretch: Lie down on your back and bend one leg. Then cross the opposite leg over it and then pull that knee to your opposite shoulder.

3) Groin Stretch: Spread legs apart and reach for feet. Or Stand up and lean to one side with your opposite leg straight.

4) Single Knee to chest stretch: Lie down on back and pull knee into chest.

5) Calf stretch: Keep your right leg forward, foot flat on the floor, and extend your left leg straight back, placing your heel flat on the floor. Don't bend your back knee. Lean into the wall until you feel the stretch in the calf of the straight leg