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Williamsport Tournament Team Selection Process

Each year, Little League affiliates are able to send teams to compete in the Williamsport Tournament, which begins at the local "district" level, extends to the "state" level, then "regional" and finally on to Williamsport, PA for the tournament that is seen on ESPN each August. BYB will field teams at the 9-10U and 10-11U levels of the tournament.  For the 12U level, owing to the nature of the competition and the requirements of Little League, the team must be created through a nomination and voting process. The rules adopted by BYB are:

1. Ten of the 13 players on the Tournament Team will be picked by a Tournament Committee composed of one representative of each Majors division (“Manager”) and the Player Agent.  The BYB President shall be present to facilitate the discussion and the Summer Commissioner shall also be present to provide information regarding the players.

2. Prior to the meeting, the BYB President shall solicit interest from coaches who may be interested in being the Tournament Team Manager and shall name the Manager. The Manager shall also be present at the selection process. The final three players on the Tournament Team will be selected by the Tournament Team Manager. The Tournament Team Manager shall be required to complete the Level 1 and 2 Positive Coaching Alliance coach training seminars.

3. The Player Agent shall represent the Majors division players in the vote and shall solicit direction from the players in that regard. The Player Agent shall request that all players secretly vote for the 12 players that they would like to be on the Tournament Team from a ballot composed of all Majors All Stars and HR Derby participants.  The Player Agent shall keep the results of the players’ voting confidential. The Player agent shall vote in accordance with the player ballot results and will advocate for these players during the discussion that proceed each round of balloting.

4. The selection process shall consist of three rounds of balloting. Prior to the balloting, each coach shall put forth those players they feel should be considered for the team and offer supporting evidence for their selections. The Tournament Committee shall discuss the players. Discussions shall consist of making the affirmative case for players under consideration based on observations, anecdotes and evidence.

Following the discussion, the Committee shall vote for their top 10 choices. All players unanimously chosen in the 1st round of voting will be on the team. If 10 players have not yet been selected, the Committee will then have another round of discussion followed by a vote to fill the remaining spots. Again, players unanimously chosen in the 2nd round of voting will be on the team. If 10 players have not yet been selected, the Committee will then have another round of discussion followed by a vote to fill the remaining spots. Players chosen by a highest majority of the votes cast will be on the team. Once the Committee has picked 10 players, it shall create a list of alternates from the remaining players receiving votes. In all votes, in the event of a tie, the first tie break shall be that league age 12's will be chosen over league age 11's. The second tie break shall be the player receiving the higher number of votes from the players' vote.

5. All deliberations regarding the selection of the Tournament Team shall be kept confidential. Players shall not be told how they were selected.

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