Mite A      
Mite B      
Mite C      
Squirt A      
Squirt A1      
Squirt B      
PeeWee A      
PeeWee A1      
PeeWee B      
Bantam A      
Bantam A1      
Bantam B      
Midget Blue      
Midget White    
Girls U10  blue    
Girls U10 White    
Girls U12A      
Girls U12B      
Girls U14      
Girls U14B      
girls u 19      
Mighty Mites Blue by Dental Care Kids  
Mighty Mites Red by Dental Care Kids  
Mighty Mites White by Dental Care Kids  
Mighty Mites Yellow by Dental Care Kids  
Mite 1 by Skatezone  
Mite 2 by Halstead Property  
Mite 3 by The Sabres  
Mite 4 by Fairfield County Sports Photography
Mite 5 by Carta, McAlister& Moore  
Mite 6 by Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP  
Mite 7 by Balance Bar  
Mite 8 by MacGuire, Cheswick & Tuttle  
Mite 9 by Palmer's Market  
Mite 10 by Kelly Associates  
Mite 11 by Equinox Fitness Clubs  
Squirt 1 by OSSM    
Squirt 2 by NEAT    
Squirt 3 by Fox Hill Builders  
Squirt 4 by BMW of Darien  
Squirt 5 by Coastal Construction  
Squirt 6 by Darien Rowayton Bank  
Squirt 7 by First County Bank  
Squirt 8 by Darien Sport Shop  
Sr Minor 1 by Blue Wave Orthodontics  
Sr Minor 2 by ERI Building & Design  
Sr Minor 3 by Simpson Thacher  
Sr Minor 4 by Nielsen's  
Sr Minor 5 by Community Plates  
Sr Minor 6 by John Dough's Pizza  
Sr Major 1 by Vinny's Backyard Restaurant  
Sr Major 2 by Baywater Properties  
Sr Major 3 by Ring's End Lumber  
Sr Major 4 by Stop & Shop