A huge Thank you goes out to 7 Seasons Stump Grinding and Jackson College Jets Baseball for sponsoring and hosting our 14U Competitive Baseball Championship tournament. Top 6 teams in comp division will compete at Jackson College June 24th starting at 9:30a.m. with the championship game at 7:30 under the lights.



14U Baseball tournament will feature the top 6 teams (as of June 22nd ) from their Division. They will Play AT Jackson College’s recently renovated field on June 24th. Times will be as follows.

Seed 1&2 get a bye

3v6 9:30

4v5 12:00

1v winner 4&5 2:30

2v winner 3&6 5:00

Championship game. 7:30 under the lights. 

Coaches should receive an email on June 23rd with an updated schedule of who is seeded where. Please make sure your email is on the CAYL site as some leaders were unable or didn’t enter an email address.

All other Divisions will play at Columbia Central July 8th. With the following times

           12U Softball Game schedule

                        Team 1vs4 8 a.m. Field 3

                        Team 2vs3 8 a.m. Field 4

                                    Championship Game 10 a.m. Field 3

            10U Softball Game Schedule

                        Team 1vs4 12 p.m. Field 3

                        Team 2vs3 12 p.m. Field 4

                                             Championship Game 2 p.m. Field 3

             14U Softball Game Schedule

                        Team 1vs4  4 p.m. Field 3                                

                        Team 2vs3  4 p.m. Field 4

                                            Championship Game 6 p.m. Field 3

             12U Baseball Game schedule

                        Team 1vs4 8 a.m. Field 1

                        Team 2vs3 8 a.m. Field 2

                                            Championship Game 10 a.m. Field 1

            10U Baseball Game Schedule

                        Team 1vs4 12 p.m. Field 1

                        Team 2vs3 12 p.m. Field 2

                                    Championship Game 2 p.m.  Field 1

Coaches that are seeded in the top 4 should be getting an email by July 4th with an updated schedule of who is seeded where.



The Cascades Area Youth League is made up of a group of communities located within the counties of Jackson, Lenawee and Washtenaw, Michigan.  This group comes together on a volunteer basis and is lead by volunteer representatives from each community.  The sole objective of this group is to offer league play for community Baseball teams ages 9 to 17 and Softball teams ages 7 to 17.  By participating in this league each community vows to honor and obey all league rules as set forth by the group of volunteer community leaders.  These rules will be evaluated on an annual basis.  

     Minimal dues are paid for the website; a fundraiser is conducted to offset these dues.  All schedules and coach information can be found on the site.  Competitive teams report their scores via the website and standings are available real time during season play.

     The mission of the CAYL is to offer community based, affordable and equal baseball/softball opportunities for the children of the local member leagues. 

     To get more information on how to become a part of this league please contact he league admin.


CAYL exists as an organizational body for the participating communities. Each community/independent team is expected to:
  • Provide one main contact for communications (in the event Baseball and Softball are treated separately within the community then there should be a rep for each)
  • Carry league (or team) insurance. 
  • Each community/team is expected to comply with the Michigan Sports Concussion Law. Info can be found here: http://www.michigan.gov/mdch/0,4612,7-132-54783_63943---,00.html - Each player/parent must sign off on the documentation and each coach, community leader and umpire must complete the training. Documentation must be retained by each community/team until players reach the age of 18, per the law.
  • Code of conduct for players, volunteers, coaches and umpires. The code must be distributed within the organizations and acknowledged by participants.
  • Schedule, train and pay umpires for all home games.
    • 8U softball is CP - no ump is required
    • 10U house Softball & Baseball a minimum of 1 umpire is required
    • 12U & up can have 1 certified, trained, or experienced ump
    • All Comp divisions can have 1 certified, trained, or experienced ump 
  • Provide all umpires a copy of the rules.
  • Each coach, umpire and community leader will understand the chain of command.
    • CAYL will provide rules by division. If an issue arises, the home plate umpire is expected to have a copy of the rules and use their judgment to make a decision. 
    • If a complaint is filed by a coach/umpire, that complaint is communicated to the community leader which the team belongs to. It is up to the leaders to communicate with EACH OTHER directly. Complaints are to be filed within 48 hours of the event.
    • CAYL Administrative Leaders should not be contacted directly by coaches & umpires (and parents) for rules interpretations. DO NOT give out our contact info.
  • Number of teams by division submitted by the deadline set forth.
  • Name, phone number and email address for ALL HEAD COACHES submitted by the deadline set forth. 
  • Playing fields for each team submitted must be communicated in writing by order of preference prior to scheduling
  • Each community is responsible for ensuring each coach has access to the contact info of all other coaches in their division.
  • A list of blackout dates by age group to submit by deadline set forth.
  • Expect all participants to act in a positive and encouraging manner.
  • Draft rules for play in all 8u to 12U Softball and 10u to 12U Baseball, as voted on by all community leaders. If a rule is not addressed in the CAYL rules then MHSAA rule is in effect...Our rules are just modifications to those rules to encourage fair play in younger divisions.
    • All divisions play by https://www.nfhs.org/  rules (unless approved modifications are made)
      • Each community is expected to purchase their own copy of the rules for their coaches' reference.
    • CAYL rule modifications are posted publicly on the website
  • Coordinate scheduling for  8U to 16U Softball and 10U to 17U Baseball.
    • 12 Regular Season Games will be scheduled.
    • The timeline for team counts will be honored by all teams/communities as a drop dead deadline.
    • Once schedules are complete and distributed then reschedules and cancellations are to be coordinated directly - COACH TO COACH and reported to the Administrative Leaders/Schedulers for website modification.
  • Post schedules and team contact info on the website.
  • Provide website login info to all Competitive Team Coaches for score submission.
    • Coaches have until midnight Sunday the week an event is scheduled to a) submit a score (by winning team coach) or b) advise Scheduling Admin of a rescheduled date. Failure to report counts as a forfeit (loss) to both teams.
    • ONLY COMP teams will record scores on the website.  They are expected to have rosters entered with dates of birth for all players by deadline.  Players for COMP teams must LIVE within the same community OR ATTEND school in that community.  If challenged they must produce birth certificate and or proof of residency and or school admission.  Players may not be on 2 teams Comp rosters (double-roster). House teams players are expected to live within the same community or attend school in that community UNLESS PRIOR APPROVAL from the board. Board will decide based on circumstances of the community or team on a case by case basis. 
  • Accept responsibility for any organization not complying with the Concussion Law.
  • Accept responsibility for injuries, accidents or incidences that occur as a result of any scheduled event.
  • Accept responsibility for the theft of and/or damage to property.
  • Carry any type of league/team insurance.
  • Supply copies of MHSAA rules.
  • Accept complaints from anyone other than Community Leaders AFTER they've attempted to resolve the issue with the opposing team's Community Leader.
Most Fridays are kept for reschedules and rainouts.
Mon/Wed = 8U & 12U
Tues/Thurs = 10U & 14U (14U will play any weekday if need be)
Mon/Wed = 12U
Tues/Thurs = 10U & 14U