Learn to Swim

St. Patrick's CYO Swimming Program is sponsoring a 8 week Learn-to-Swim session at Ft. Hamilton HS Pool on Wednesday nights beginning in February for children in grades K to 4

Online registration will begin on January 1st and continue through the end of the month (click here and scroll down). 

The fee is $175 per person payable online via PayPal ONLY. This is NOT automated any longer. When paying be credit/debit card, please SEND your payments to stpsports@gmail.com via PayPal! (valid email address needed) There is a limited amount of slots available so therefore we require full payment at the time of registration. 

The program is intended primarily for children who do not know how to swim at all or have only a very basic understanding of how to swim.

The purpose of the program is to teach children the basic fundamentals of swimming, concentrating on kicking, arm stroking and breathing which we hope will give children confidence about being in the water.

The program is an eight-week program taught by certified swim instructors. Here is the schedule;

Every Wednesday night, 7 to 8pm -

2/5, 2/12, 2/26 (closed Presidents Week)

3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25


(schedule subjest to change!)

The programs is flexible enough to accommodate many levels of competence, from children who are afraid to place their face in the water to children who have some basic idea of how to swim.

The children will be divided into groups based on skill level as determined by the swimming instructors on the first night.

If we do not reach maximum enrollment with children in that age and skill level, we will accept older or more experienced swimmers into the program.

The structure of the lessons will depend on the make-up of the final group of children enrolled. 

Please send an email to
   with any questions you may have.




Exact dates and times to be announced!


(There is NO session during President's Week)