Team Assignments and Requests



T-Ball and A-Ball: Team placement assigned by the level commissioner.

AA Junior, AA Senior, AAA, and Majors: Team placement assigned by draft.



T-Ball and A-Ball: We do recognize that it is fun and comforting for younger children to be placed with existing friends. Therefore, requests for specific teammates and coaches are accepted at registration. Please note, though, that although we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored. As a practical matter, if you request more than one or two teammates, it becomes more difficult to assemble teams if one of the players has been included with another person’s request.


AA Junior, AA Senior, AAA, and Majors: Beginning at the AA Junior level, to help balance the competition, parent requests to have their child placed with another player are reviewed, but are less likely to be honored because of the priority placed on competitive balance.