South Shore Sticks is a competitive girls lacrosse organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate and support young female players, both on and off the lacrosse field.
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Parent Testimonials Submitted 2014
"There are a lot of sports programs on the south shore that should take a page from South Shores Sticks book.  They've got a formula that I can boldly say is unprecedented." (Emmies Mom)
"My husband and I watch from the side lines - during practices and most games. We've had kids in all sorts of sporting programs on the south shore and have never seen a group of girls get so good so fast. Someone sitting near us recently said that wasn't typical for lacrosse in general, but mostly attributed the girls fast progress to the well thought out, dynamic format of practices." (Jen K.) 
"Felt compelled to submit something simpy because I'm so grateful this program exists. My daughter loves it and we hope SSS continues to grow." (Sheila D)
"Your communication, organization, and abiity to teach the girls skills and the game basics, while having truly a gift. We are lucky to have South Shore Sticks.
(Sophies mom)
"My daughter absolutely loves your program! She looks forward to it every Thursday and Saturday. Your Thursday skills are just what I was hoping for when we signed her up. It's very organized with little down time from station to station. Weekly, my daughter comes off the field with great feedback as well from the coaches. I'm so glad we found your program. Looking forward to the winter session!"
(Ali's Mom)
"I babysit for a family with two little girls who do this program and they love it! The mother is so happy you started this program and are thrilled her daughters are getting this experience! She wanted me to tell you thank you for doing this and her girls are getting a ton out of it!" (J.C. ) 
"What an AWESOME experience! We are new to LAX and I was very nervous about the the whole thing. I should not have been! South Shore Sticks has been GREAT! Communication with parents has been timely and informative. And my daughter has learned skills and had FUN! Thanks for getting us started in such a positive way!"
 (Sadie's Mom)
"Its about time a program like this came to the South Shore. We are the kind of parents who don't have the bandwidth or interest in driving our daughters an hour a way each week, just to practice. Which we understand some parents had to do if their daughters wanted to play in a competitive lacrosse program. ( Not to mention the weekly game travel. ) The overall experience this far with South Shore Sticks has been super positive; the coaches are unlike anything our girls have experienced - professional, dynamic--and personable.  We hope for our sake that this program continues to thrive." (John S.)
"Quite a deal this has been for our daughter; she's loved every minute so far. And we've never have enjoyed watching practices like these--so different, so alive!!!  So much personal attention and coaching provided for all the players too. And most of the drills/exercises they seem so FUN... the girls don't realize how hard they're working"
(K. S.)

"My daughter, for the first time...has fallen in love a sport, and lucky for us its lacrosse, thanks to you all. She runs beaming off the field, every Thursday practice and weekend game, and counts down the days till the next session each week."
(Jen L.)
"We've had kids in children's various sport programs for over a dozen years here on the south shore.  We are sincerely blown away by South Shore Stick's ability to teach and engage the girls. The practices are so energetic and creative--I don't think my daughter stopped moving (and smiling) the entire time." (Carolines' Mom)

"Great opportunity for my daughter playing lacrosse at early age. She's having a ball." 
"The most professional run program for lacrosse we've seen - all these years with kids in various leagues and clubs.  Coach Maxey, you've found your calling--you were born to do this. Both my daughters adore lacrosse--mostly thanks to you, your great energy and silly antics as well as all the fabulous coaches on the field with you. We are so thrilled to have South Shore Sticks so close to home" (Laurens Dad )

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