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DYSA Game Day Management Procedures

On-Field Competition Oversight
Opening and Closing Fields, Parking, and Concession, and Restrooms

As the Board member/AGC/senior representative who is a Game Day Manager, you have a few primary jobs to do when "opening" and "closing" - it is not just opening the concession stand
1.) you need to open/set up the "parking", and
2.) you need to open/set up the "fields", and
3.) get the concession stand up and running
When opening, keep in mind that you will need enough time to get all the setup done.  So -- this typically means you should plan to be at the Field ~45 minutes before teams start showing up. (For example, that means be at Field by 7:15am for teams start showing up at 8:00am for 8:30 games.)

Expect refs and ref coordinators to show up much closer to game time - so you don't really have any early helpers.  You are "the show".

Once opening is complete, your main job is oversight of the on-field activity.

To Do List:

One Day Before --
a.) Make sure you have a key to BOTH the equipment shed, AND the concession stand.  They are separate keys; you will need both.

b.) Arrange to get pick up cash box from Treasurer.  Klaus Jensen manages the Cash Box.  His cell is 617-320-4287.  His email is .

c.) Print yourself a copy of the game schedule, so you have an idea of what is supposed to be happening at the field.  (You are responsible for making game cancellation decisions in case of inclement weather, so having a game schedule is pretty important.  Master game schedules are here:

The Night Before (or Morning of Games) --
a.) get three dozen assorted donuts, a pint of half-and-half
    (If you choose to do this on the morning of games, leave enough time to do this AND still get to the field with enough lead time for all of the setup.)

Game Day --

Be at Field ~45 minutes before teams start showing up.  (For example, that means be at Field by 7:15am because teams start showing up at 8:00am for 8:30 games.)
Inclement Weather --
If weather has been wet, you may need to sweep puddles on fields, and/or make call/communications on cancelling 1st games - so you will need to do those in a decent amount of advance time prior to game starting.
Parking setup --
a.) First, block off parking with cones - **before** anything else - if you lose that then the day gets messy all around (that is a big reason for getting there early)
b.) Cones: On field side, start cones from beginning of curb around the outside of the flagpole area, then all the way up just beyond opening in fence closer to school - WHY? Because we need to keep sight lines from concession stand to north fields open, including a view to the north goal area on full size field.
c.) Cones: On concession stand side, start cones from a few feet before crosswalk @ concession to just past crosswalk closer to school
d.) Cones: Usually put 1-2 BIG cones in middle of crosswalk in front of concession stand to keep drivers awareness up and speed down.
Field Setup -- You should Supervise the Ref Coordinator to manage this task:
a.) Find the Referee Coordinator on duty.  Have them:
b.) Block "team areas" on fields -- place three green/white "Do Not Enter" signs at each end of team areas - otherwise you have an eviction process to do all day; if you wait too long there will be families camped in there and you will need to evict them.
c.) If needed, draft early arrivals (refs, coaches) to create teams to move goals if goals are not in correct positions
**MAKE SURE GOALS ARE ON CORRECT FIELDS** - for 2013 Fall, N1=U12, N2& S2=U10, S1=OFFLINE for repairs.  Then later in day U14 plays with full nets on N & S.
d.) Make sure refs check goal sandbags - refs and coaches are supposed to address this before first games.  You may want to eyeball the sandbag situation as you put out the "do not enter" signs.
e.) Refs will bring out corner flags
Concession Startup --
a.) Make coffee.  There are two urns, one of which has a plastic filter insert inside that holds the coffee.  Fill the filter to the top with coffee and the urn 2/3 with water (this makes the right mix) and plug in.  There is no off/on switch.
b.) The other urn is used for hot chocolate...Fill the non-filtered urn about halfway with water and stir in about 4 cups of hot chocolate mix (taste test is the best way to make sure you have enough mix).  Once it gets cold, you'll likely be selling a lot of that; so mix the hot chocolate mix w the water in the urn, then you can just pour the finished product out.  That's much quicker than stirring individual cups.
c.) All the candy/snacks are in the refrig.  You just need to take it out and place it on the shelf.
d.) Set out sugar, napkins, condiments, etc.
e.) Restock water, soda, Gatorade, etc. in drink cooler as needed.
f.) For concession volunteers --> At about 10 a.m. start making hotdogs.  (You may need to reassemble some of the rack) Fill the bun warmer at the top of the hotdog machine with about ¼ inch of water and load the carousel with hotdogs.  Once the hotdogs are browned, insert into buns, wrap in foil and place in the bun warmer.  Make sure the warmer is full for the afternoon shift!

a.) Remember to unlock restrooms; key is on wall in concession.  Can wait until all else is done
b.) Sweep floor & wipe sink/toilet in restrooms.
c.) Stock with toilet paper and soap.

Other Field Stuff
a.) Raise USA flag if not up (there are two to choose from - could be in concession, could be in shed) - likewise can wait until all else is done.

PA System
a.) Turn on PA system and test, if you or concession volunteers want to "advertise" concessions for sale and sweatshirts for sale.

Walk the fields as much as possible.

Keep an eye for safety issues.

Check in with Ref Coordinator periodically to check for any game issues.

Observe games/coaches, relative to zer tolerance policy.

Help resolve any equipment issues, schedule questions, rules questions, players who cannot find coach, etc.

Help fans remain in fan areas, and outside of team areas.

Goal Safety -- For safety reasons, please prevent children from playing on/climbing on nets and goalposts.

Frisbee, lacrosse, baseball, football activities are not allowed within soccer field complex due to compressed playing area. Please have anyone who wants to pursue these activities take advantage of the baseball field area.  It helps to keep our players and spectators safe from inadvertent injury due to non-soccer activity and equipment.

Check in with concession volunteers from time to time.
Bring a trash bag with you - pick up trash as the day goes along.
Do a little bit to clean the shed if you are really bored.  God knows it could use it.


Breakdown of parking, and of equipment for "small fields", can begin during later U14 games.  There are fewer families/cars, and the small field equipment is not in use.
Timing of closing of concession stand -- play it by ear, but usually by halftime of last game you can close most of it down, as it is well past lunchtime and demand will be very low.

Coordinate a few kids to do a field "trash sweep" at end of last game.  Give them a candy bar, or a drink, as a reward.

The town comes by and picks up the trash during the week, so the blue trash bag from inside stand should be tied and left next to the trash can in front of the stand by the closing board member.

Make sure all food items are placed in refrigerator when closing so our rodent friends don’t have a feast.

Wipe down counters.  Rinse coffee urns and clean hot dog machine (lift off the top bun warmer and dump water).

Sweep and lock bathrooms.

Make sure cones and flags are returned to the supply shed. 

Lock concession stand and supply shed.

Arrange to return the cashbox to Klaus.