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Little League® (Major Division)

  • Ages: 9-12 years old 
  • Field Specs: 60-foot base paths; 40 foot pitching distance. 
  • Local options: A local league may choose to limit its Major Division to 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds, or 11-12-year-olds. Leagues may also dual-roster 12-year-olds, assessed capable, to a Major and a Junior division softball teams. 
  • Tournament Team (or "All Stars") may be selected from eligible 11-12-year-olds within this division and enter the International Tournament. 
  • Culminates at the Little League Softball World Series in Portland, Ore., featuring 10 teams from around the globe. All expenses for teams advancing to the World Series (travel, meals and housing) are paid by Little League International.