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The Westport Soccer Association Program
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Welcome to Westport Soccer Association!

Westport, Connecticut. 

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer-run organization.

WSA offers youth soccer programs with professional coaches instructing Tots, PreK, REC, Travel, and Premier levels. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and support our wonderful soccer community!

Start Early - We offer Tots and Pre-kindergartners one training session per week.

Professional Training for All - REC Clinics for Kindergarten through 9th grades are offered during the week for all children who participate in the Westport Soccer League.

REC League - Beginning in Kindergarten, games are played on Saturdays. All efforts are made is to avoid conflicts with baseball, softball and football. These are 5 per side games played on a half field without a goalie. Teams with 10 to 12 players are balanced based upon ability. If a team dominates season to season, it will be reconfigured. Players must play at least one half of the game; and scores and league standings are not kept. Separate boys and girls teams are maintained, unless numbers do not permit. In grades 5 through 8, players compete against teams from one or more towns in an "intertown league." Games may be played at home as well as away. The League program is open to all children including those who may eventually participate in the Travel programs.

Developmental Travel ( U9 & U10 ) - This is the transitional program between League and the Travel program. Boys and girls who are age appropriate may opt to choose a higher level of training and commitment. Two or three teams for boys and girls will be formed at each level. Tryouts/evaluations are conducted. Teams are formed based on ability. Individual team practices are held at least twice a week. Games are played with 8 per side on a smaller field against teams from other towns in Fairfield County. These games are on Sundays. Approximately one half of the games will be played away. It is possible to play both Travel and League soccer in the same season.

Travel ( U11-U19 ) - Tryouts/evaluations are conducted. Selection to and placement on teams is based on ability. One or two teams will be formed for Boys and Girls at each level. If a player trys out for Premier and accepts they will be required to give up their space on the travel team. Commitment is necessary. Teams play on a full-size field with 11 players per side. There are two team practices per week and a league game on Sunday. Teams who enter the State Cup will also play at least one Saturday game. Approximately one half of the league games will be away in Fairfield County. State Cup games are based on a draw and may be anywhere in the state. It is possible to play both Travel and League soccer in the same season.

Premier - The WSA has and will continue to support one boys and one girls team, when warranted. These teams are attempting to field the best talent; and the level of commitment and dedication is intense. The ultimate goal of each team is to win the Spring Open Cup in order to advance to the Region I tournament in July. (U16 and older winners of the Region I tournament advance to the National tournament.)


There are fall and spring seasons. Winter indoor clinics have traditionally been held on Friday nights for League and U9-10. Travel teams have winter indoor sessions. Increased demand for and usage of the Staples Fieldhouse have made this increasingly difficult, but the WSA hopes to continue these programs.

Coaching clinics have been administered by professional, licensed, and paid coaches for League players. The soccer program at Staples High School has produced many outstanding players – some of who have played professionally – and many of them have been coaches for WSA teams.

The WSA sponsors the Westport Indoor Tournament (WIN), and over the past 26 years, this event has become Connecticut’s premiere indoor tournament for boys and girls in the U9 through U13 age groups. Drawing teams from all over New England and as far away as Virginia, WIN offers a full slate of exciting challenge and competition for players, and a great deal of activities for family and friends who’ve come along to cheer on their favorite soccer stars. The tournament has facilitated the development of friendships and lasting relationships between coaches and players across New England and beyond.

WIN is also the WSA’s primary charity event, raising funds for both the Scott Coleman Scholarship Fund and for the WSA’s own scholarship fund to assist the families of travel players enduring financial hardship. For further information about WIN please see additional information on our website.

WSA's programs also function as a feeder system for the high school teams. The Staples soccer tradition goes back many years. The boys team is tied for the national record of most state championships won (11); and the girls are always serious contenders, having won the States in 1991.

Registration for the League program is accomplished by completing an application (can be downloaded from the Website's PDF form area) and sending it with a check to the address on the form prior to the cutoff date. There ere are also walk-in registrations. Notice of the start of registration is advertised on the web site and in the "Westport News" and "Westport Minuteman." Notice of tryouts for Travel teams, generally in May, is also in these publications.

WSA manages the League program for the Town of Westport. Through the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association, CJSA, (the state organization for the United States Youth Soccer Association), it sponsors Travel teams in various age groups. The WSA is an organization which operates with a Board of Directors and a staff of hundreds – all volunteers except its paid coaches/clinicians. Thousands of personal hours are spent in this effort in order to provide the variety and quality of the programs WSA offers. WSA is serious in its commitment to provide opportunity for its players to develop and grow – both in teamwork and individually – and to promote skills, fitness and fun – at all times keeping in mind this is for the children!