The Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association is organized and maintained to promote, grow, shepherd, govern, and protect the sport of Lacrosse at the youth, middle school, and high school levels, throughout Southern Nevada.

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Team Managers are the key organizational person for each Program and Team. We appreciate the long hours and all you do for your players and teams.

Here are some key things you should know:

Safety First - When playing games or practicing, your first priority is your players safety. Each player's parent should fill out a medical release form at the first meeting/practice authorizing you or a coach to seek medical treatment if they are not around and their child should get injured. To download the form Click on Home, Documents & Forms, found in the "For All" folder.

Know your surroundings - When playing or practicing, you should always know where the closest medical treatment facility is located at. If you click on Home, Fields, then chose the field you are playing/practicing at there will be a Hospital Icon . This will bring up a map with all the surrounding medical facility and clinics. Located the closest hospital to you and know the best route to take in case of an emergency. 

Player Code of Conduct- Each player on your team is responsible to treat everyone including the coaches and referees with respect. They are in a learning environment and should be there as a willing participant. Having each player sign the code of conduct will help you and your coaches deal with situations that may arise if bad situations occur. 
To download the form Click on Home, Documents & Forms, found in the "For All" folder.

Parent Code of Conduct - Similar to the player conduct, parents must also "Honor the Game" and you should have each of your parents sign the parent code of conduct when practices for Spring Season Begin. I would refer back to it before games start and remind parents what they signed as far as sitting across from the players and not yelling anything negative.  To download the form Click on Home, Documents & Forms, found in the "For All" folder.

Culture Keeper - Each team should have an assigned Culture Keeper (and a back up) who introduces themselves to the referees before each game and make his/her presence known to all the parents. The role of the culture keeper is to be the point of contact if a parent gets out of line and the coaches or referees need a neutral party to help remind them of the positive role we as parents are to always set for our children. Click here for the document to forward to your culture keepers.
You should have PCA Cards printed out and ready for your culture keeper to hand out to disgruntled spectator at the field, hopefully nothing more will be needed to be said, and the spectator will settle down.
For more helpful Culture Keep and sportsmanship information CLICK HERE.

Fields/Practice Space - Middle School teams have access to paid fields by the SNLA starting October 1st, High School January 1st. Check out he fields calendars to find out what time is available. Complete the Field Request Form and wait for the approval and permit to be sent to you. Until you have an approval and a permit, you should not use any City or Las Vegas or Henderson fields. See the Coaches/ Practice pages (Henderson and Northwest. The Fields Request form is also found Documents & Forms, found in the Coaches folder.

Score sheet with table duty cheat sheet and stats sheets are available for download. Found on Home, Documents & Forms, Stats and Scoreing -click on "Score sheet fillable" or Stats Sheet - Middle School" and type in your players by numerical order and their names. Save as on your local computer and print as needed for home games.

Team Managers Manual - Coming Soon! See Home Documents for all other forms and information to help you with your club.