The Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association is organized and maintained to promote, grow, shepherd, govern, and protect the sport of Lacrosse at the youth, middle school, and high school levels, throughout Southern Nevada.



Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the US.

In Canada, it's a national sport.

It was played as early as the 12th century.


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Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick. It is often considered a rough sport, although injuries are less frequent than in American football and other contact sports.

The sport has four major types: men's field lacrosse, women's lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse. The sport consists of four positions: midfield, attack, defense, and goalie. The game is typically played with 10 players on each team.


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