A Message from Calvert Soccer Association Director of Coaching (travel) Shaun Nicholson

How to use this training resource.........

All coaches should start by downloading the age appropriate practice plan at the bottom of this page as everything you need to coach soccer for one full season is contained in this single PDF file.

The four steps to being a great developmental coach

1. Now print out, and/or download to your phone and/or tablet so you have access at every practice.

2. You should now read and understand the seasonal plan for your assigned teams age group

3. Take the plan to practice and run the practices per the PDF document

4. These practices are designed to be age specific and so will work for the designated age group

That’s it you now have everything you need to teach your team how to play soccer, learn, have fun and be competitive.

Once you complete the plan and if you still have weeks left to fill then repeat the weeks that you or the players felt were the most fun and where you felt the kids got the most from the practice plan.

NOTE Kids learn in specific ways based on their ages. Running a U10 practice for a U6 team will not make them play like U10's it will cause them to get bored, goof off and NOT learn very much. This could get to the point where they will hate soccer and never want to play again, after all why would you want to be BORED? By following the age appropriate plan your players will develop quicker and become better players. TRUST US WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING.

Thanks for coaching at CSA, I hope we have made this easy for you.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know by email me at


So here you go your 4 step coaching seasonal plans

U6 Seasonal Plan

U8 Seasonal Plan

U10 Seasonal Plan

U12 Seasonal Plan

U14 Seasonal Plan

U16 Seasonal Plan