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Thank you very much for your support

and donation to Groveland Baseball League. 

Good Luck!!

*Winners are posted the following day.  

**Prizes are available at the Snack Shack during any games and are available for pickup next day starting on 6/18. Winners are notified at the end of each week. You or your selling players family for you. 


Sunday May 12th - KATHY PENNIE

Monday May 13th - CORRIE BAUR

Tuesday May 14th - LINDA SPAULDING

Wednesday May 15th - JOSEPHINE DARR

Thursday May 16th - BRIANNA LEBLANC

Friday May 17th - SAM CUTRIGHT

Saturday May 18th - STEVE BROWN (Pirates)

Sunday May 19th - TODD HAMMOND

Monday May 20th - SHERRY A PALMER

Tuesday May 21st - KERRI LAPOINTE

Wednesday May 22nd - RUTH RIVARD

Thursday May 23rd - PAUL JUNTA

Friday May 24th - ADAM NATAUPSKY

Saturday May 25th - KEVIN DASENBROCK

Sunday May 26th - MICHELLE FORTIER

Monday May 27th - MATTHEW MACLEOD

Tuesday May 28th - JOHN CAIN

Wednesday May 29th - JOHN CELATA

Thursday May 30th - SUZANNE LOHEAC

Friday May 31st - PAULA POTTER

Saturday June 1st - JOHN MCKINNON

Sunday June 2nd - GAIL BUTURLIA

Monday June 3rd - CAROLINE GALLIUN

Tuesday June 4th - GEOFF YOUNGCLAUS

Wednesday June 5th - LAURIE LEBLANC

Thursday June 6th - GAIL OUELLETTE


Saturday June 8th - KAREN AALTO