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To All Coastal U10+ Coaches,

Below, please find a "virtual" Coach folder for you, in place of much of the paper you have received in the past.

Note that this includes much of the content usually (formerly) found in the Coastal Booklets (all of which is available on the www.coastalyouthsoccer.com website)  .

(You will still receive paper copies of select items, such as official rosters and passcards, needed at each game checkin.)

(Virtual) Coach Folder - Coastal League


How To Use DYSA Website To Communicate With/Manage Your Team

How To Log In and/or Reset Password:
How To Use Features (features are accessible only when logged in):

Important Season Dates
  http://www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org#449565 (News Item on DYSA homepage)

Coastal League-wide Schedule

CYSL Coach Contacts

Coastal Competition Procedures & Game Rules

Coastal Rule Changes - Most Recent

Coastal Cup Division Draft Rules


Coastal League Zero Tolerance Policy

Rosters & Passcards:

1.) Game Day Administrative Paperwork Requirements & Procedures
2.) Your Team Roster
  (Paper Copies from DYSA Registrar - 2 copies (signed by DYSA & CYSL registrars, and Coach) required to be given to referee before each game.)
  (Your player list is available online on www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org when you are logged in -- but is not usable for CYSL games in place of official (signed) Roster)
3.) Player Passcards
  (paper cardstock copies will be provided by DYSA Registrar; needs coach to obtain/affix player photos and lamination; given to referee at start of each game)
  (Appplicable for all coaches of all teams in all age groups; for players, applicable for only #1 teams in BU12, Bu14, GU12, GU14, and all U16-U19 teams.  No #2 teams nor any U10 teams require passcards)
4.) Instructions for operating the Laminating machine (GBC HeatSeal H220) in DYSA Concession Stand (used for passcards, read all of p. 5 in instructions)
  http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2495/___Misc Files/GBC HeatSeal H220 Laminator Manual.pdf

Player Medical & Emergency Contact Info
  (Please obtain from your AGC. Keep with you at all games and practices.)

DYSA Injury/Accident Report

DYSA Makeup Reschedule Request Form

DYSA Practice Time Request Form

Coastal Standings (U12+)
  (Check this as the season progresses to see whether your team is in running for playoffs)
  (This report will lag the scores you have reported to DYSA Statistician by a week or two)

DYSA Officials Contact Info

DYSA Player Evaluation Forms - due at end of season to your AGC

Spring 2016 Coach Meeting Agenda