The 2014 Sno-King Elections, Membership Meeting and Awards were held Sunday, May 4th at Sno-King Ice Arena Renton.

The successful board members are as follows. 

President (Two year term)

Board Members (Two year terms) In alphabetical order.

Terry Anderson
Jarett Goodkin
Mark Juranek
Scott MacIndoe
Molly Norton


Keith Rettig - Candidate for President

As a board member, it has been a great privilege to help guide the association, along with the other board members, and to work with our employees to make Sno-King the best hockey association it can be.  I want you to have this same joy and pride in our association, so please join a committee; your time, skills, and effort will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.  The board is a great group of people that really care about youth hockey and about making the association the best it can be.  You really should be a part of it. . .

I have had a great time serving you, our members, as a board member these last five years; especially as the president of the board this last year.  I have done my best to help save as much of the association’s money as we can without sacrificing any of the services, to maximize the return on our assets without selling out the soul of the association, and to provide the most value to our members without being wasteful.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the improvements to the association and facilities that the board has done over the last few years with the drive to provide a greater value to our members (e.g., a better rink, more benefits, lower fees, etc.).  Although the association is a non-profit, we need to continue the strong business-minded approach we have used to make it the strongest it has been in years.  I also continue to look for ways to bring our members closer to each other to make a more positive culture so that the association can do even more for our kids.  I truly believe that like any great family, we are all in this together.

There are still many things I would like us to achieve in the coming years.  I want to see us continue the integration of the American Development Model with our current traditions, further enhance the development of our coaches [both at the rep and the rec levels] so that they can be even better at developing players for life, and to improve the strong financial power of our association through asset improvements and acquisitions and more efficient leveraging of our existing assets.  By continuing along the path we have taken, I truly believe the board can continue to provide more benefits at lower costs to the members of our association.


Terry Anderson - Candidate for a Board Position

As an avid hockey fan and parent, I’m honored to be considered for election to the Board of Directors for SnoKing Amatuer Hockey Association. 

I’ve worked with SKAHA for more than a decade.  That interaction began as an owner and player billet with the Seattle Thunderbirds.  Yet, for nearly 10 years now as a parent with sons who have progressed from Beginner to Bantam.  I’ve served the Association as a volunteer throughout this time both as a team manager and most recently helping out with some of the tournaments.  Our sons have largely played at the House/Rec level, but last year we experienced the Tier II.  As a result, I believe I can represent the concerns and interests of families across ages and skill levels in the SKAHA organization.

I also bring to the Association other experience as a member of the board of trustees for youth sports organizations.  My other experience includes:

Newcastle Baseball League:  Serving on the board for three years, my core responsibilities were to support the development and growth of youth baseball within the Newcastle community. My specific role was as a league scheduler –which entailed negotiating with other youth sport organizations and working with the Renton and Issaquah School districts, along with the Cities of Bellevue and Renton Parks Departments, in obtaining fields for practices and league games.

Liberty Lacrosse: My title is Secretary – keeping board meeting minutes, obtaining and maintaining background checks for all board members and coaching staff, obtaining Association Board Insurance and running club fundraising events.

As an independent artist and business owner, I have the flexibility of schedule to dedicate the time and energy needed to support SKAHA as we continue to encourage the development of great kids through one of the best sports! 


Jarett Goodkin - Candidate for a Board Position

I joined Sno-King just one month after moving to Washington in 1990 when Bill Audycki asked me to help coach his Squirt A team.  Although I did not have a child in the program at that time, I spent the next 12 hockey seasons coaching Tier I Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget teams.  During part of that time, I also served two separate terms as a Sno-King board member.  After stepping away for a few years to focus on my career as an attorney and start a family, I re-joined Sno-King when my son started playing Beginners during the 2010-2011 hockey season.  During the past few seasons, I have helped out with the Beginners and been an assistant coach at the Mite and Squirt levels.  For the past two years, I have also served as a member of the Sno-King Board of Directors and spent many hours helping to re-write SKAHA's by-laws, revise its policies, and improve our association as a whole.  I hope you will consider my experience as both a coach and board member when casting your vote.



Mark Juranek - Candidate for a Board Position

What an amazing experience the Juranek’s have had being part of Sno-King Hockey Family over the past five years.  Thank you.  I have read and considered the requirements of Board Members, and wish to be considered for 2 year Board position serving on the Hockey or Finance committees. 

I have coached youth sports (soccer, softball, and baseball) and have assist on ice with a Level I coaching card.  I am passionate about the role sports can play in building confidence in youth and providing a sense of belonging.  While I wish I was a hockey professional with expertise in top shelf slap shots, I am a Finance professional with expertise in strategy development having worked as a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Finance manager for Starbucks and Amazon. 

My desire to join the Board is centered around my desire to continue to grow and expand the reach of Sno-King, expand the opportunity for kids to experience the joy of skating, and provide equal opportunity, from top to bottom, to develop passion and skills.



Scott MacIndoe - Candidate for a Board Position

Professional History

Over 20 years of management experience leading a national composite materials corporation as a supplier of vast array of specialty fabrics, resin products and associated supporting materials.  Fiberlay is a company which has experienced record-setting revenue growth in the last five years.  Inc. Magazine has included Fiberlay in the Inc 5000 fastest growing private companies in the US three times in the last five years.

My career has included key leadership roles in overseeing all aspects of the composite’s business. Personal experience has taken place in various departments like; finance, sales and marketing, customer service and company logistical operations. 

New startup growth was added to Fiberlay in the last five years and included complicated purchases of other regional companies across the U.S.  These company purchases added additional markets to Fiberlay’s business model, which logistically was complicated, but allowed significant growth during a declining economic period in the U.S.  The Fiberlay business growth has been enhanced with careful planning and control.  Fiberlay mission is to bring quality products and service to our customers!  Fiberlay’s goal for its employees is to grow them personally, professionally and fulfill their own goals / passions, bringing that enthusiasm to our customers!

Personal History

As a Canadian, born in Ottawa Canada, I have always subscribed to hockey as a passion which all respected Canadian’s appreciate. Most of my early childhood was spent in Calgary Alberta where I began playing hockey.  This time was a building block for my passion for hockey.  I actively played this sport until 1990.

My family made a life change move to Seattle in 1990, and hockey fell away as I adjusted to living in a new country and beginning a new business venture with my family.  During the last twenty years my wife and two sons have experienced hockey through our son’s hockey endeavors.  I have enjoyed rekindling my love of hockey during practices, game traveling experiences, and of course the tournament games.  I have seen my personal passion grow again as I have watched my son’s participate in hockey.  Currently, my younger son, Tyler, has been ‘all-in hockey enthusiast’, and appears to share the same passion for playing hockey I enjoyed at his age.  My interest in hockey has been reignited!

I have been with the association on/off for app 10 years if I include my 17 year old son and it’s been a great experience for our family. I would like to give back in helping out wherever the association has needs. I have a particular interest in assisting with the business aspect of the association to help ensure it meets its purpose for many years to come.


Molly Norton - Candidate for Board position

My family just wrapped up our second year as members of SKAHA. Unlike many hockey families, this has all been a new experience for us. My husband and I had no hockey background, which made our son's interest in the sport both fun and a bit confounding.  We've quickly gone from not knowing how many players were on the ice at once, to being big fans. Yet we still find navigating the association confusing at times.  As SKAHA grows with more beginner players and the addition of Kent, it becomes all the more important for clear communication to members. 

My profession relies on clear communication. I've worked in broadcast journalism for more than 20 years.  (I'm a hockey mom under my married name, but professionally I use my maiden name of Molly Shen.) I've also served on a number of non profit boards.  I don't come to SKAHA with a long hockey background, but I do bring extensive experience in reaching out to all people, working one on one with others under trying circumstances, and a history of volunteerism.