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10,000 Shot Club

CAA Basketball is once again sponsoring a 10,000 shot club for the upcoming summer.   The kids that complete the 10,000 shots will be recognized at a CNHS varsity game, receive a 10K Shots emblem on their shooting shirt and a gift certificate to the CNHS Storm Store, but more importantly they will be better players this upcoming season.

  • Anyone currently in grades 1-8 may participate in 10,000 Shots
  • You are tracking shots taken, not shots made
  • Players will have from June 1, 2019 through October 1, 2019 to complete their shots.
  • Only 1000 shots can be 3 feet or closer and half of those must be with the players weak hand. In other words 500 with the right and 500 with the left
  •  500 shots must be free throws
  •  Must be shot with the appropriate size basketball and on a 10 foot rim.
  • Can be on any basketball court (driveways are perfectly acceptable).
  •  Shots must be logged when they are done..
  •  Parents must sign off. It really is the honor system and we can tell if a kid has really worked on it or not

Click Here To Download Tracking Form

For a more advanced and challenging version of shot club, try the 5 star shooting program found on Tommy's Basketball Playbook.

Click Here To Download The 5-Star Program